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Post Pregnancy Workouts: How to Lose Belly Fat after Pregnancy

Looking for a post pregnancy workout to help lose belly fat? If you are serious about getting back into good shape, use these tips and post baby programs to flatten and tone your tummy in no time.

Get your doctor’s approval for physical activity.
Then, tackle any mix-and-match of Fitness Blender's total body & cardio workout videos to start toning your stomach and begin rebuilding your core strength.

Along with these workouts, be sure to make these changes as well:

Get your caloric intake under control to reduce overall bodyweight.
It’s best to talk to your doctor about roughly how many calories you should be consuming after giving birth, but it’s very important to realize that in order to lose belly fat after baby, you are generally going to need to have an overall reduction in body fat.

This can mean that you need to reduce your daily calories (you may be in excess of your daily calories if you keep “eating for two”), and/or increase your daily calorie expenditure via physical activity and cardio. While the workouts above help you tone an after baby stomach, diet and physical activity will be what helps you lose fat after pregnancy that might otherwise cover up those muscles you have built.

Get moving!
To help speed up pregnancy weight loss, do 30 minutes of cardio at least 3 times a week, but ideally 4-5 days a week. If you need to, work your way up to strenuous workouts; if all you can do in the beginning is 10 minutes of cardio, start there and build on that. Low impact cardio is a good idea immediately after -water aerobics is an excellent choice both during and after pregnancy.

Be aware of your posture and how you hold your stomach.
Maintaining good posture and constantly pulling in your stomach slightly can make a big difference in the size of the waist after having a baby-both immediate and long term. Be assiduous about pulling your belly button in towards your spine and that will speed up the rate of your stomach returning to normal.