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Outer Thigh Workout Routine: Home Outer Thigh Exercises

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These exercises can help tighten the muscles on the outside of the thighs, giving you the look of long, lean legs. Cardio can help get this look but only toning moves combined with cardio can truly sculpt your legs into your own personal work of art.

Both the video above, and the second printable plan below combine cardio intervals with toning exercises specifically for the area, in order to help you burn fat calories and tone your legs at the same time. The harder you push on the cardio and the more repetitions you do of the exercises the more sculpting results you will see.

How to do this workout
After a short cardio warm up, do each exercise for the listed number of repetitions. You may want to start at 10 reps if you are new to exercising. Build up to 15 reps as you get stronger. Do the entire routine three times.

15 Lateral Jumps - Back and forth counts as one rep

15 Pilates Side Planks with Leg Raises - repeat on each side

15 Squats with Side Leg Raise - Alternating left and right

15 Crossover Lunges - Alternating left and right

Kneeling Side Leg raises - 15 on each side

15 Jumping Jacks

15 Squat Jacks

15 Pilates Side Hip Raises - repeat on each side

These exercises can be relatively difficult, especially for beginners. For this reason, you should start with 10 repetitions of each of these lower body moves, and work your way up to 15 or more.

Repeat the entire routine at least 2 times through; complete 3 times for the most toning benefits.

Adding this program to your routine can help you get slim thighs that are tight, toned, and strong. Just remember that to get the most sculpting and definition out of your legs, be sure to keep your body fat percentage low, ideally 12-18%.

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