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Our Personal Workout Programs + Are Fitness Blender Workouts Enough to Lose Weight?

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We get a lot of questions regarding our own personal workout routines; do we really use Fitness Blender workouts to stay in shape? What else do we do? How often do we go to the gym? Are Fitness Blender workout videos enough to stay in shape, without anything extra?

The long and short of it is that yes, Fitness Blender workout videos really are enough to keep you in shape, and that because of our incredibly heavy workload with our two-man business, we don't even have the extra time to be able to spend hours at a gym (even if we wanted to...which we don't).

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It's ironic, but our workdays by far and large have us sitting in front of the computer all day. We spend long hours editing, writing, developing programs, doing voiceovers, etc; it's essentially not unlike any other desk job. In the end we really have to fight very hard and do some serious priority checks with ourselves, personally, in order to make exercise a part of our day. We have to practice what we preach; yes life is busy but fitness is such an inarguable component of health, we just can't afford to make any excuses, however legitimate they might be.

When one of us is in front of the camera filming a workout, we definitely get in a good workout. But the reality is that for every 10-15 minutes of filming that we do, there is at least 8 hours of production work (i.e. sitting) for each of us that follows. For example a 1000 calorie workout video, or any workout video that we have that exceeds 45 minutes in length, might take 2-4 whole days of work for both of us. So to make sure that we're getting in enough physical activity, we often use our own workout videos.

The only exercise we do outside of Fitness Blender workouts is taking our high-energy dog, Loki, for walks. Those walks often double as an opportunity for us to have meetings pertaining to our ideas for the future of Fitness Blender, and other times we just use it as a chance for all of us to stretch our legs and clear our heads. Quality family time that doubles as a little bit of light heart-healthy activity.

So there you have it; your personal trainers do (frequently) take doses of their own medicine, in terms of the workouts they share with you. Just know that there is no secret workout plan, no hours and hours at the gym that we do in addition to the workout videos we provide; everything that we use in our own fitness pursuits is available here on our website. In truth, you guys often serve as our motivation to ditch the excuses and commit to a good workout; if you can find time for it in your busy lives then we certainly have no right to use being "busy" as an excuse to skip our own workouts.