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One-Pan Lemon Artichoke Chicken

One-Pan Lemon Artichoke Chicken With Brown Rice and Kale

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The Dish 

The bright flavors of the Mediterranean really shine in this easy recipe. The fresh lemon, artichoke hearts, and a little lemon pepper seasoning flavor the steamed rice, seared chicken, and sauteed kale perfectly. And, as an added bonus, the main components of this recipe are made in just one pan, saving oodles of time on after meal clean up. The lemon pepper seasoning is heartily sprinkled over the boneless skinless chicken breast before being seared in the skillet. Once seared, the pan is deglazed with broth and the artichoke hearts and kale are added. After everything is cooked and tender, all of our components are nicely nestled onto a bed of steamed brown rice.

Hacking this Recipe 

We’re notorious for making or cooking batches of basic pantry staples that will be frequently used throughout the week — in this case, brown rice. This really cuts down on the overall cooking time as well as day-of prep. Simply microwave or reheat the rice when you’re ready to serve. 


Preparation Instructions