Nut Nutrition Facts - Nut Calories and Health Benefits

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Nut Nutrition Facts - Nut Calories and Health Benefits

Nuts are widely boasted for their nutritional benefits but what is less talked about is their calories, portion control, and healthy serving sizes.

For example, consider walnuts. Walnuts are recognized for their high fiber content, levels of vitamins E and B, and heart healthy omega 2 fats. They taste great in yogurt, on salads, or even by the handful.

The potential hitch is the number of calories and the small serving sizes-just one ounce. One serving of walnuts is actually just 7 whole pieces, or 14 halves. One ounce serves up a significant and easily consumed 185 calories, and 18 grams of, albeit healthy, grams of fat.

Even considering that the energy is dense and prone to quickly add up if munched on mindlessly, they should be considered an essential diet staple to anyone who is trying to improve their diet or even lose weight. Knowing the basic serving sizes of nuts and having a general idea of how many calories there are in each variation can help keep the fat and caloric content at healthy levels.

Nut Nutrition Facts

How many calories are in almonds?
One ounce of almonds is 170 calories. One ounce of almonds is equal to roughly 23 whole almonds. These are healthiest and lowest in sodium in raw form. They offer magnesium, selenium, vitamin E, calcium, iron, and niacin, among other things. They are branded as the most nutrient dense of all nuts.

How many calories are in walnuts?
As mentioned above, roughly 7 whole walnuts, or 14 halves (they frequently break apart) comes in at 185 cals. Their fat content is largely heart healthy and is very useful in holding off an appetite that might otherwise keep a stomach growling.

How many are in peanuts?
One ounce offers 166 cals. Peanuts are high in cancer fighting antioxidants, including B vitamins, resveratrol, and p-coumaric acid. They are high in fiber, inexpensive, easily accessible, and highly versatile in dishes they can be used in.

Cashews Nutrition
There are 159 calories in one ounce of cashews. Between 16-18 cashews make up one ounce, or a serving size. Cashew nutrition benefits include copper, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, and tryptophan. They have a lower fat content than most other nuts and are fantastic for heart health. They compliment a number of different dishes or taste great on their own.

How many calories are in pecans?
Pecans are a bit less nutritionally dense than walnuts. There are 196 cals in one ounce, which is roughly 20 halves. Pecan nutrition perks include high levels of monounsaturated fatty acid, beta carotene (vitamin Am a cancer fighting agent), and vitamin E.

How many calories are there in hazelnut or filberts?
There are 180 calories in one ounce of hazelnuts. There are approximately 20 hazelnuts in one ounce. Aside from all of their antioxidants, these are high in tryptophan, which has been shown to aid in the depth and quality of sleep.

How many calories are in pistachios?
One ounce of pistachios is 160 cals. One ounce of pistachios is 49 pieces, give or take. These are one of the choices with the fewest calories but are still high in fat that lowers the bad type of cholesterol.

Calories in chestnuts
There are roughly 3 chestnuts in 1 ounce, and 57 cals in 1 ounce. Chestnuts have a lower fat content (they are higher in carbohydrates) than other varieties and are also the only ones that serve as a source of vitamin C.

How may calories are in macadamias?
One ounce of macadamias has 200 cal; there are 9-12 macadamias in one ounce. Aside from being delicious and dessert-like, this cholesterol free option is high in fiber, vitamins, phytochemicals, and minerals.

Between improving heart health, providing a low cholesterol source of protein, and loads of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, nuts are a quick, convenient calorie source. Making sure that you aren’t overeating in terms of servings is a good way to make sure that you don’t derail your weight loss efforts.