Natural Brazilian Buttock Lift: Exercises to Lift the Buttocks

You don’t have to go under the knife for an expensive Brazilian Buttock lift; there are exercises to boost the buttocks that will get you the booty you want!

Think about it, if you were to go in for a surgery of this sort, you would be sedated, cut open, run the risk of infection and other complications, and you would never be able to say that your bum is “real”. If you do butt lifting exercises, you’ll tone your entire body naturally, in a way that improves your overall health and releases feel-good endorphins.

These exercises don’t just help you get a “bigger booty”. They tone the glutes and fight back against the effects of time & gravity, giving you a shapely, perky backside. Try this butt lifting workout for yourself; within 1-2 weeks you will notice the difference in your lower body.

Workout Structure:
The exercises are broken apart into groups of two. Do one minute of each exercise, doing each set of exercises at least twice through (preferably three times through). Once you have completed that set, move onto the next pair.

Warm up (10 – 15 minutes of cardio)

1 Minute Squat Jumps
1 Minute Reverse Lunges with Rear Leg Raise (30 seconds on each leg)

1 Minute Ice Skaters (30 seconds on each leg)
1 Minute Crossover Lunge (alternate legs)

1 Minute Sumo Squat
1 Minute Pilates Kneeling Rear Leg Raise (30 seconds on each leg)

1 Minute Wall Sit
1 Minute Pilates Shoulder Bridge Prep

Cool Down and Stretch

This workout is rough, but no one said getting great glutes the natural way would be easy. If you do this workout with full gusto and with correct form, you absolutely will be very sore the next day. Don’t worry, it’s the good kind of sore, the kind that confirms that what you are doing is working.

Give the lower body a day or two off by sticking to cardio training or focusing on an upper body routine. After your initial soreness wears off, do this lower body workout 2-3 times a week, with days of rest in between.