My Motivation to Workout; The Real Reason I Eat Healthily & Exercise + How to Get Motivated

People always ask about how we find motivation to workout and eat healthily. 

Here’s the short summary of why I push myself to workout on a regular basis & do my best to eat healthily; I am terrified of cancer, heart disease, and all of the other (often preventable/reversible) diseases and illnesses associated with poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle. 

Another reason that I eat healthily and exercise is that if I want to feel well, I really have no other choice. I am not intrinsically, automatically healthy and I have more than one chronic health condition. If I don’t take care of myself, I can find myself completely miserable. I also have a full, chaotic, life where I can easily work over 60 hours a week. I only get to film about once a month, so I have to fight for the time and energy to stick to my workouts, as well.

I wanted to share my situation because I think there’s a misconception regarding being “healthy” or “unhealthy”. I feel like we see these two concepts as separate, independent states that a person either “is” or “isn’t”. I think too many people tell themselves something along the lines of “well if I was healthy I would exercise”, or “when I feel better I’ll start my diet” when in reality you have to take the initiative and make the first move towards your own health. It takes effort and it takes discipline; health does not necessarily just happen to a person, or skip a person over. I’m a face in the fitness world and I think that people just assume that I’m healthy, but the truth is that I have to work for it. I used to be very unhealthy and 40 lbs heavier, and I still struggle and occasionally have to deal with major setbacks, just like anyone else. 

Two years ago, after being randomly very sick intermittently over the course of a year, I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis, which is a chronic and sometimes extremely painful bladder condition. There are medications that sometimes work mildly well at keeping the pain and symptoms relatively under control, but they come with side effects and they do not address the root cause of the pain. I always try to avoid taking medicine because I’m afraid of long term consequences and it’s a particularly unappealing option when the issue can be addressed with changes to my diet. I have kept myself healthy and symptom free without any medicine, and it’s now completely kept in check with diet modifications. I don’t tell many people but here I go, on the worldwide web; I have obsessive compulsive disorder. Not Hollywood’s “I like my shoes lined up a certain way and my peas and carrots not to touch” OCD, but real, sometimes robust, OCD. Over my lifetime I have also learned to manage that with a healthy lifestyle - just another way that a combination of a whole foods diet and exercise have made a huge positive impact on my life. In 2014, after a particularly stressful bout of life, I woke up one morning to find that I couldn’t open my mouth, at all. A disc in my jaw had slipped & my mouth was locked completely shut for over 6 weeks; mostly shut for 10 months, and it took an entire 16 months for it to return to normal. It was one of the most stressful health situations I’ve ever had to deal with; it’s very rare and no one had answers, no doctors could help me. Along with all of those setbacks, I’ve had injuries and sprains and muscle pulls and sciatic flare ups. 

During all of the times when I’m sick or hurt, I might take some extra rest days but I don’t stop exercising, I just change how I exercise. Even if I’m not feeling well, a simple stretching session will leave me feeling a lot better than if I’d done nothing at all. Exercise is not punishment for the body, and if you listen to your body, you can actually use movement to help heal yourself. Smart fitness is fluid and has to move with you through your whole life. It should be breathable and (relatively) enjoyable. 

I’m sharing this with you because I wanted to tell you that all of us have setbacks. It’s life; things are going to happen. I know it can be easy to get angry with your body and to get frustrated and want to throw in the towel, but this is a lifelong ordeal, not a sprint. If you give up and stop trying, it’s not going to help anything. 

Even when we try our best, we cannot control everything. Bad things can happen, no matter how well you take care of your body; I could get hit by a car on the way to check the mail and sometimes cancer and illness occur even in people with a lifetime of healthy habits. We have to make peace with the things that we have no control over (stress is not healthy either), but there’s no reason that we shouldn’t do what we can to put the odds in our favor to stay healthy. 

I encourage you to switch your motivation from losing weight, getting a six pack, or a great butt, to aiming for good health instead (you can use those body goals as a runner up motivator). To be honest, not only is it a better motivator, it actually ends up naturally bringing you around to those appearance oriented goals anyways. When you eat for your best health and exercise, your body will figure out the details and you’re highly likely going to like the way you look.

Other tips to stay motivated to workout:

  • Start small; start with just 5-10 minutes a couple of times a day 
  • If you’re feeling depressed, know exercise can help (studies have actually found it to be more effective than any anti-depressants, with a bonus of no negative side effects). The hardest part is getting started; push yourself over that hump and it will get easier from there.
  • Fake it until you make it; don’t overthink it just start. Go into autopilot and just do it and after a while you will start to feel better because of it & that will become a part of your motivation.
  • Realize that this is not a race. This is something you need to be doing for the rest of your life. Get comfortable with that fact; it makes it more daunting initially but then when you realize how great it makes you feel, you will wonder how you lived without it.
  • Make sure you are not starting off at a place that is too difficult; lots of people jump in with gusto, and promptly burn themselves out or injure themselves because they have started out too intense for their fitness level. There can be an advantage in slow, steady progress.
  • Eat for good health; get interested in what you are putting into your body. Think of nourishing yourself instead of depriving yourself.
  • Instead of thinking about all the foods you “can’t” eat (though I don’t recommend making any food “off limits”), think about the abundance of delicious foods that you can eat that make you feel good.
  • Get your whole family on board. There’s no reason that they shouldn’t be learning to eat well and exercise; you obviously care about their wellbeing, so get them to make changes alongside you. 
  • Make it easy for yourself; layout workout clothes & shoes ahead of time
  • Schedule it, and don’t cancel on yourself. Working out is important, and it inarguably benefits your health. It is not superficial and it’s not something that you should feel bad about being firm with in it’s priority in your schedule. 
  • Find a workout buddy. The support of a friend can go a long ways in keeping you accountable. 
  • Find something you enjoy. If you have fun doing it, you will be a lot less resistant. 
  • Do a warm up workout; after 5 minute of light activity - once you get those feel-good hormones going - there’s a good chance you will be ready for more.
  • Find a supportive community who supports you in creating a healthy mindset and pursuing your goals; open a free account on the free Fitness Blender app; available on iOS & Android (note you will need a separate account & password from your FB account). This is easily one of the most supportive communities I've ever come across and I'm very proud of you guys.

I'm sure that many of you have your own tips and tricks - I would love to hear about what helps keep you motivated to workout and eat well. Sign in & share below!



01/09/17 3:08pm

Please don't EVER take your videos offline. You're my method of choice and the only "personal trainers" that keep me motivated. Even after stopping exercising for a while, just hearing your voices makes me smile, an immediate reaction to the way I'm used to feeling after working out with you :)


01/09/17 10:24am

My fitness journey started 13 years ago when a friend gave me a hand-me-down mountain bike. In that time, I have done everything from a half-marathon to half-century bike rides, snowboarding, and Beast Mode classes. I have burned out on certain activities, suffered and recovered from some humbling injuries both large and small, but I haven't once given up being active. Injuries have caused some minor limitations, but are no excuse to stop altogether.

The feeling good part of working out has been the most beneficial from my fitness journey. When asked how I manage to continue my journey, I just say a)know thyself and b) find something that you enjoy. If I don't want to do something, I know myself well enough that I will make excuses to not do it.

I am very grateful to have had my friend recommend Kelli and Daniel's videos, and am grateful to K&D for their philosophy, accessibility, and for just being real. K, D, and the whole community have been inspiring. These workouts are mindfully varied workouts and well-planned, and they keep me interested -- and keep me from making excuses!


11/29/16 11:47am

Hi Kelli
First a huge thank you to you and your husband. Your videos are extremely helpful for me. You keep it real. I'm older and the variations help.
Second I have the goal of being healthy and comfortable in my own body. So your videos on well being are great.
Thanks again.

If you make another video how about something on vitamin and mineral supplements ( the best ones to take or which ones to take)

11/03/16 12:47pm

I do largely exercise for superficial goals. I hate being fat and how uncomfortable it makes me feel in my body. My motivation for strength training is two-fold though 1) it makes me hungrier so I can eat more without feeling bad about myself 2) it makes me stronger so I can be more capable in every day life.

The "health" reason just doesn't work for me. I have severe depression and anxiety and exercise doesn't make it better anymore. I have a genetic disease that makes me susceptible to cancer to the point that I need a complete proctocolectomy ASAP before I turn thirty just to reduce the risk of cancer. I'm already diseased and have to have two organs removed to try to stave off cancer why shoot for health? My genes already doomed me. Superficial goals are all I have. Get LESS cancer doesn't really work for me as a motivator. Can't keep most of my digestive track, why bother.

Although I guess reading that exercise helps with bone density and alzheimer's has been motivating. I may not be able to keep my colon, but I can keep my bones and sad sad mind. Sigh.


09/21/16 3:02am

This channel is so real. It's very refreshing.


08/24/16 8:47am

I have watched this video multiple times since you released it, and I'm so thankful for it. It generally encourages me when I'm struggling to make good choices, but today it's frustrating. My mom is one of the healthiest people I know and has been for a long time. She's regimented and committed to what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle. I'm sure she could do something better, but for all intents and purposes, she is a role model for commitment to health. Last month she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in her digestive system. I know you're not saying that diet and exercise are fool proof preventative medicine. This situation just gives a big blow to my personal motivation though. Like if she can get cancer, then what's the point on the days when I don't feel like exercising?
Diet and exercise is super helpful for my mental state, so I believe that is enough, but I guess when your mental state is taking a particularly hard blow, like mine right now, just getting up and starting a workout doesn't mean I'll finish it. What gives? What has to click in your mind to make you push through?


08/18/16 11:08am

Hi Kelli, I am from Brazil - SP

I discovered fitnessblender on youtube 2 years ago and it made a huge change in my life.
Thank you for all you share with us.
Your videos and scripts really help me in a lot of ways, in life in general.
Made me more confident and keep me more motivated too.
You both offer this in a free way, your experiences, knowlodges and personal feelings. This is such amazing thing to do.
You are incredible. I became a big fan from you both.


Roberta Ghion - SP - Brazil


07/20/16 9:31am

Emphasising health is much better than focusing on appearance. Keep it simple, keep it fun, and keep it consistant.


07/07/16 6:26am


I have OCD as well, and it is such a great comfort to me that someone I truly look up to deals with the same issue as I. I want you to know I am truly proud of you and have been a fan of you guys since 2011! Thank you so much for revealing even more of yourself to us, I know I won't take it for granted and I am truly honored that you would share your story!

XoXo Kelli (Same name, same spelling! :D) from D.C.


06/25/16 12:16pm

Hello, Daniel and Kelli,
I discovered Fitness Blender last year, 2015. Ever since, I have made much improvement in my overall well-being. I am also a visual artist. Since my childhood, I have been diagnosed with mental illness(es). On that account, I have been on many medications. Adjusting to what works for me to function well takes much time and difficulty. Ultimately, I exercise and nourish my body to feel better; to counteract the side-effects of illness and medication that make me feel yucky. I also do it to be productive (for energy), and to be creative to make art. At this point, I am still trying to find my own equilibrium. This will always be my goal. I've got this! Please feel free to chime in, if you would like to add your thoughts on the subject of creativity, rest/active rest, and nutrition & exercise.

Thank you so much! I am also truly thankful that I have found something that works for me :)

- Nadia


04/19/16 2:24am

you are so natural and beautiful! I love how real you are :) I've been watching and workingout with you for now 2 years and you have helped me so much x


04/02/16 11:01am

Ans I accidentally hit the button before I was done. So, last thing I wanted to say is: I feel so very understood right now. Since I got diagnosed with depression I started realizing how important exercising is to keep yourself healthy, not only healthy in a body kind of way, but also mentally. I really appreciate you sharing your story with this awesome and so unbelievable kind community! Please keep on! First time ever I think, that a fitness company is not after profit, like they usually are! Keep it real! That's why people love you so much!


04/02/16 10:48am

Thank you so much for sharing! It is such a beautiful thing to do of you, to open up for this community looking up to both of you guys. you've been more real than other any people, that work in the fitness-industry, I know. But reading this really moved me! Kelli you should be really proud on yourself and I do think you are. Both of you are great people, trying to help others in an awesome way! I love how you're using the attention you get to promote real messages! An


03/26/16 4:06am

Exercise keeps me sane. I've been mildly depressed and generally anxious ever since starting uni, working out helps me to get rid of pent up emotions :).


03/25/16 8:56am

Exercise is a bowel movement for the nervous system. My motivation is that exercise brings me from upset to clear-headed. I'm neurotic, it's just how I'm wired. Exercise helps me to maintain good relationships and has been the #1 reason for the success I've achieved in my life so far. 3 short sprints up a hill can transform overwhelming anger into creative thinking, and fear into courage.


03/22/16 12:33am

Dear Kelli, thank you so much for sharing your story.
Since 2004 I try to live more healthy by doing yoga and drinking water instead of other stuff.
I'm working out with you since 09/2015 and that changed my lifestyle again in a big way.
I love wo and eating clean and healthy.
My oppinion is that the body is the house of your soul and you have to keep that house clean and make it a happy place .
We don't know what life will bring us but we have controll over our body and I think we should try to be strong and healthy to face whatever comes our way.
I work in a hospice and I've seen so many people dying, I know we all do once, but we decide the way we live.
Thank you Kelli and Daniel for inspirating me, for all your incredible work, for just being like you are.
FB is now a big part in my life and I'm so happy that I found you!
God bless you!

03/14/16 12:53pm

Kelli, this is an incredible testament to the many benefits of a healthy lifestyle! What a powerful and brave way to share your story to inspire others. You paint such an honest picture of the effort it takes to maintain good (whole body/mind) health and it's so refreshing to hear someone (especially a young woman) represent that effort so truthfully. Although I have been, for the most part, lucky to live an illness- and injury-free life so far (27 years in), I did just have my first baby a few months ago. I gained more weight than I'd hoped, stopped exercising for 9 months, and ate very poorly. After delivery, I was very much ready to build a new, healthier pattern. But carrying a baby around for almost a year takes a toll on your body, and I had to recheck my own expectations and limits. Almost 4 months later, I still modify exercises with lots of jumping, thanks to my sensitive bladder, and my goals needed shifting from the way I look (thanks, extra skin) to the way I feel (carrying my 16 lb baby around is a breeze now)! Thank you for bringing your real self to this whole experience. It makes all the difference in the world.


03/01/16 2:18pm

I really love the message of HEALTH promoted everywhere on the fitnessblender website!
Sure 95% of the reason I would ever deem to do 40 seconds of burpees is totally superficial and short sited only so far as the reflection in the mirror, but I can't say enough how much I appreciate the knowledge that your heads are in a far more practical space! And I can trust 100% that everything I follow on this site is tailor made to cater to making me a healthier and happier individual!
The ethics and standards you adhere to are completely commendable and you are genuinely making a difference in people's lives.


02/09/16 9:03am

Best motivational message I have read - you should be very proud to be the way you are Kelli. Thanks to you and Daniel for your inspiration!


02/07/16 8:31am

Great Video! One of my biggest motivations for keeping a regular workout routine is wanting to maintain a high quality of life as I get older. Aside from just wanting to prevent disease, I want to be able to move around and be active, stay independent, and just to feel good! Plus excersize defintely regulates my mood and helps me feel happier and less anxious. Keep up the good work Fitness Blender! I'm a big fan!


02/06/16 3:42pm

Thanks so much for sharing Kelly. Someone like you who has so many people looking up to her, to reveal your very real struggles to us is really cool. Your realness is a huge reason why you guys are so loved and successful.
I also have interstitial cystitis and control it completely with diet. I have celiac and gerds and control them with diet also. I have chronic back pain and struggle with depression and those are actually my biggest motivators for exercising regularly!
So in a weird way even though it sucks to have these problems, they also motivate me, and I always think if I was lucky enough to be blessed with no health problems I would probably be laying on the couch eating nachos and pizza all day. haha!

02/04/16 11:54am

Love your "down-to-earth" website! So practical and real! At my advanced age, I am encouraged by your simple workouts that I can DO. So many others, you have to be a 20 year old in awesome shape just to do it. What's the point of trying those? So thankful for your site and help!


01/18/16 12:40pm

Thanks so much for sharing, Kelly! You guys have been a life saver for me - I am so glad I found the website. I am finally craving to exercise!!! Yeahhhh. Thanks for all you do and also sharing your struggles. You guys are so real and I really appreciate it. Blessings to you- Elke


01/12/16 2:35am

I always felt FB is different from other fitness info and videos out there. You have stressed this enough yourselves, of course. But I was never quite able to see what that meant until I read this piece. The difference to me is purpose, you guys are in it for the benefit of everyone's health. To now read FB was (partly) inspired by the maintaining your own health, makes that purpose even more powerful.

Kelli, you are brave and so right to share these (undoubtedly) intimate details about your health. You guys lead by example, this makes all the difference. Especially during those moments we might feel like giving up.

I'm no scientist, but I feel the difference between being active and being lazy everytime. Even if you're a person lucky enough to be free of a limiting medical condition, exercise is still relevant. Through FB I have come to realise it is all about maintenance, like you would do with any physical thing valuable in your life. Your body is constantly seeking balance, and working out helps it in doing that.

Thank you for being so open, sharing with your knowledge, encouraging and forward thinking!


01/11/16 5:36am

Ive been working out with you guys off and on, since March, and most days since september. I just bought my first plan! I was amazed today when I timed my 1 mile run, i usually run and 8-10 min mile by myself, and 10-12 with our double stroller, today I ran a 9:39 with the double stroller! I am doing full pushups for the first time in a long time. But here is my favorite Fitnessblender effect: We have four children, my husband is in the military and we were moving around when our fourth was born, we lived in three different temporary places while he finished school, and ended with a move from the states to England when she was just 6 weeks. we finally got settled in our home when she was 12 weeks. i was a mess. my thyroid quite on me and was barely working. I had always exercised, but not daily for almost two years, just in short stints. I eat healthy, but it didn't matter my body was just shutting down. all my nails were damaged, I was loosing hair, and worst of all I had postpartum anxiety and was constantly worrying about everything. I had some dear friends praying for me and slowly I began to feel a little better, so I committed to never missing a workout. I could not guarantee that I would change what was happening with my thyroid, but I could support my body the best I could, and hope it would heal itself. The fitness blender workouts are so fun, and easy! even if I only had a short amount of time I could find a workout to do. I noticed my mind becoming so much more relaxed and clear, my skin wasn't so dry, my hair was growing back, my nails were coming in normal again. I had my thyroid tested again and it is back! It is on the low side of normal, but the Doctor is no longer trying to get me to take anything for it (i hope to never need a synthetic hormone for life). I have started iodine supplements. aside from getting closer to my own clothes, yet again :) I am so grateful to be strong and healthy! I feel amazing, no more acts and pains, and a quiet healthy mind. Thank You!!

01/05/16 2:13pm

Hi Kelli, I have just found FitnessBlender, and I would like to thank you and Daniel for what you have created - this is easily the most accessible, thorough, thoughtful, and useable fitness site I have found, and I am very grateful to you both. I also appreciate your words here - eating well and moving to feel great. This rings so true with me - as someone who has struggled with depression and anxiety in the past i can vouch for the benefits of physical exercise and, of course, healthy eating. I have recently "fallen off the wagon" so to speak with my eating and moving, but finding this site and hearing your words has just given me the kick in the butt that I needed!!! Thanks so much, you guys are fantastic :)


01/05/16 9:30am

Thank you so much, Kelli. This really made me think of what motivates me. I love the feeling after a workout, I am so much more energetic after one and it relieves stress. I want to look good and feel good. My body and I deserve to feel good. I have autoimmune hepatitis and hypothyreosis. I am on medication. But I got rid of cortisone last year (after 2,5 yrs), and I started to exercise more and more. Cortisone made my joints hurt, made me swell and affected on my mental health. I found FitnessBlender in early 2013, and started working out. I tried autoimmune paleo the same time, and lost 10 kg. FB has changed my attitude for working out completely. I have never been a sporty person, never felt comfortable at the gym etc. Exercising at home is great! You have made it fun, challenging, a routine, a part of my life.

Well said that we have to get comfortable with the thought that we can't control everything. Just have to do what we can :)

I really love you guys, I am forever thankful.


01/05/16 4:04am

Thank you for your willingness to really open up and share. As the comments show you are not alone, we are not alone, and you guys really created a safe space for a healthy any-body. I have health issues that were undiagnosed and misdiagnosed for years. Mind and body have been challenged but eating, living, and thinking well are my prescriptions. Without daily movement and real food and mindfulness I don't know where I would be. People ask how I keep up with it all, the answer is that the alternative is far more challenging than waking up early to workout and spending time cooking. When your whole body is inflamed including every joint and your throat you get motivated. I had to rise out of "I feel too bad to do that" and here I am :) Keep up the awesome work Kelli! Eat Well, Live Well, Be Well.


01/05/16 3:45am

Thank you sooo much Kelli for sharing this. Love working out with you guys. I basically being with you guys from the beginning. I was diagnosis with an autoimmune disorders called Lupus. It was such a struggle to find someone to exercise with that I could take it easy on my low days and kick it up on my strong days and I found that with you guys. It's amazing to have people do what you do because you love it and not the money (even though money is not bad , lol) Again thank u thank u . I recommend you guys to everyone I can because you guys are trully inspirational.


01/05/16 1:38am

Thanks Kelli for your article and sharing with us your personal reasons for working out. I have an auto immune disease that would be wrecking havoc on my body if I didn t take my pills and get my blood work regularly ( I have no choice) but all the more if I didn t work out and eat right on a consistent basis. I've learnt thanks to you and Daniel through your eating plan and work out programs that veggies, whole grains and fruits are my best friends. Also that working out kills stress which is so important to my condition. I feel so good and relieve after a work out session with you. I ve done like five of your programs now and my family whose been astonished only by how my body look have started working out also. So thanks for all what you re (you and Daniel) doing for us. Love for both of my "personal" trainers.

01/04/16 4:58pm

I loved reading about all this, especially since I had this impression that you are an extremely healthy person and probably always has been. It was good to know whether this is not true because I also suffer from OCD, depression , borderline , anxiety disorder , trichotillomania, chronic pain in the lumbar and sciatic and would like to talk to follow programs of you help me every day to get out of bed even if it is to do stretching . At first it was a hardship complete the workouts , but as my body was getting used came the sense of reward and satisfaction and that was motivating me every day. I can only thank you for the time you devote to create all kinds of workouts for each type of training that people might want . You are the best and wish all the best for both. Loves from Brasil (sorry for some english mistake)


01/04/16 3:05pm

Dear Kelli,
Thank you so much for sharing such an important and private aspect of your life with this community.
I'm so thankful I came across FitnessBlender channel on Youtube by chance the first time I decided and committed to workout at home. I couldn't afford going to the gym (I never been to one) and that was my #1 excuse for the lack of motivation to workout.
The more I got to know about FitnessBlender's workouts and all the healthy lifestyle tips, the more I found my motivation. What really got me addicted (in the best possible way) with FitnessBlender was the humanly way you always portrayed everything. All the ups and downs of this journey of working on a better version of ourselves, the struggles along the way, not that (fake) perfection crap every fitness "anything" always try to sell us. That is what motivated me to start and has kept me motivated so far. Before FitnessBlender I used to quit because I couldn't see results. Only because of you guys I learned to accept me as I am and set my mind to higher purposes than the ideal weight or the perfect body. Everything came so naturally once I accepted that and I'm really proud of myself and the all the achievements I was able to conquer because of your awesome work.
Thank you for everything!


01/03/16 2:39pm

Thank you for sharing something so personal with us. I admire the way you just pushed through and nowadays, you are all smiling and so very positive. I would like to in return say what led me to this website.
Most of my childhood, I've been the tall fat kid, not at all popular. I grew up to be tall and still kind of fat. 2 years ago, when I was sixteen, I decided I was fed up. I weighted 105 kg, which is too much even for 184 cm. Through exercising and eating healthy, I've lost 16 kg. Not only I've looked better, I've felt much more better.
I've started to keep my weight. But then I broke a couple of fingers and I had to stop attending volleyball training, my main way of keeping in shape. I started to feel tired most of the time, I lost my muscles... So I was looking for alternative way - then I found your videos. Even though it's been only a few weeks, I feel full of energy again, I am fit, my back doesn't ache anymore. I've realized that losing weight and having a nice butt is a great bonus, but the most important thing is just to be healthy - which I am sure you videos will help me with.
Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into making up and sharing those wonderful workouts. And thank you for your positive attitude, your smiling faces and the easy-going way of behaving - makes me feel as though I am working out with friends :)


12/29/15 8:13pm

Thanks for writing such a personal article. Before reading it, I just presumed you were more inclined to be athletic and motivated than the rest of us. Now I'm even more impressed by what you do.

Might I suggest that the next time you're in a tough spot you watch your videos and read you posts, so you can see what a healthy, beautiful and balanced person you are - inside and out. Thanks to you and to Daniel for the great workouts and inspiration!


12/29/15 12:32pm

This coming February will mark 10 years of working out regularly for me! Your reasons for living a healthy lifestyle are exactly the same as my own. My father passed away of a heart attack at the young age of 38 and I would rather not have the same thing happen to me. I know he would be proud of me today as over the last decade I have lost 65lbs and gone from a depressed lazy obese teen to a very fit "health freak". It took 4 years to reach my goal weight but so what? I have the rest of my life to keep working on myself and I plan on using my time to do just that! Adopting healthy habits is by far the best thing I have ever done for myself and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.


12/28/15 7:02pm

I have struggled with over exercising for the wrong reasons, bad self image and eating way too little calories to try to "stay in shape". I am naturally small. I have a super narrow frame and when I was younger I was always very skinny, like you couldn't really see any fat on my body (I was 5,2 85lbs) and through the end of puberty as I matured I gained some weight. It wasn't much but for the first time I could see fat on my body which upset me. I knew it was perfectly healthy and normal to have a little fat but it upset me anyway. I stressed and practiced these bad habits for about a year. One day while looking for a high calorie burning workout I found one from fitness blender. Long story short I did the workout, loved it, over the next few weeks I did more. I came to the fitness blender site and doing the workouts, and watching your motivation videos like this has helped me so much. I have been on fitness blender for about a month and a half and I feel stronger and happier. I feel like God brought me here for a reason and it has changed my life. I have gained two pounds (of it feels like muscle) am now 5'4 106 lbs and am very happy and don't care about my weight I just want to get healthier and healthie.I am also much less stressful. I am also eating more (still very healthfully of course). Thank you for all you do!!!



12/28/15 10:10am

Kelli, you are in inspiration! Thank you for your honestly. January 1, 2012 was the day I changed my life by changing my eating and exercise habits (I, too, decided I would do everything I could to prevent diseases). I broke my addiction to sugar (I would have never believed you could be addicted to sugar until I stopped eating sugar for a month and realized that I had absolutely no craving for sweets anymore), started eating clean (as much as possible), and added strength training to my workouts. I can't believe what a different, healthier person I am! I look forward to working out, because it makes me feel stronger and healthier, and I look forward to eating (I eat 6 times a day). Best of all, my husband noticed the positive changes and he, too, changed his eating habits and he works out more! It's a win-win for both of us! Thank you, Kelli and Daniel, for all you do, and for helping me be a healthier person.


12/18/15 7:46am

thanks a lot for sharing, apart from all the great work you guys do, one of the most valuable aspects of working out with you is how honest and straight-forward you are, know that it's profoundly appreciated.


12/17/15 4:52am

Kelli, you are awesome and this helped me a lot in terms of my long term goals to stay fit. However, I still lack a lot of motivation to keep going while I am actually exercising. I don't think I'm pushing hard enough and I am not seeing any results. (Although that might because I am in university and it's exam time)


12/11/15 8:55pm

Thank you for modeling vulnerability and authenticity . We all have journeys sometimes easy,sometimes difficult. It is tempting to look at your great skinny body and you two as such a beautiful couple and think you have it easy but in reality, no one is without some burden. Thank you for sharing yours .


12/10/15 8:21am

Thank you for sharing your journey with us! Your and Daniel's dedication to this website and your workout videos is greatly appreciated. I have struggled with being consistent with working out, but your website and videos have given me the motivation to make working out and eating clean a way of life. I am a much happier, calmer and healthier person overall for it! Keep up the great work!


12/09/15 3:41pm

You are such an amazing person. Thank you for all you do for this community of followers. You've contributed (and continue to contribute) so much to all of us; invaluable information, inspiration and motivation. I am so appreciative of your willingness to do what you for all of us.


12/09/15 1:09pm

Dear Kelly,

I accidently pressed "leave a comment". I think what you are sharing is very brave and also gives perspective on the importance of valuing yourself and your body. I suffer from anxiety and have problems with intrusive thoughts and insomnia. In times of great stress I can't sleep because of all the irrational thoughts that pop into my head and I feel exhausted, sometimes bursting into tears just to releve the stress. I had started using your videos for a year when my studies, and other stressors, made me stop for a couple of months. Now that I have some time off, I try to exercise, at least 30 mins every time I can. It doesn't matter if its just a warm up but it helps with keeping my anxiety under control.

Thank you and always keep going. You both have an amazing commitment to your job and it is valued by many of us that also have issues. We are only human.

Kind regards,


12/09/15 1:03pm

Dear Kelly,

Thank you

12/05/15 6:58am

Thank you so much for this video!! I've found your videos 6 months ago and you guys helped me getting fit and healthy and I've lost some pounds and it honestly made me feel great. For this last month I've been too busy with college and I'd say to myself that I can't handle college and exercise at the same time just to convince myself that I could stop exercising. This video got me motivated again and I've just done one of your new video workouts, after a month without doing anything. I'll keep what you said in mind everytime I feel like giving up on working out. You guys are just great and you're helping so many people across the world. A big thank you from Portugal!


11/28/15 10:51am

Thank you so much for this inspiring post. I have been very blah feeling lately and not motivated. I battle a nerve condition in my legs which makes me not want to workout some days due to the pain. I used to be a avid runner and I can't run anymore and had to find an alternate way to exercise, hence discovery Fitnessblender! You motivated me to take it slow, and remember even small exercises will help my health. It's not about being able to do what I once did, but changing my mindset to fit what I am capable of now. Thank you very much, discovery you guys has really helped me.


11/23/15 10:09pm

Can I just thank you for doing that? It just made me realize how much there is to learn about the struggles that people go through, people who we admire from far away, people who we think "have it so easy". I've never commented anywhere on your (or anyone's) videos yet, but this was something really inspiring, Kelli.
I've been following FB workouts for almost 6 months now, and I know you get this a lot but may I just say that you guys absolutely changed my life, in more ways than one. And why this particular article means a lot to me is because I couldn't workout for 3 weeks due to illness, among other reasons, and it made me feel awful. Working out with you guys made me realize how good I felt about not only my body, but also about how these physical challenges helped me in getting through other challenges in life. (I just did my first workout today after 3 weeks by the way, and it feels awesome).
I'm simply grateful. So just putting it out here, hope you guys never stop doing what you've been doing for health and fitness. :)


11/23/15 11:37am

You motivate me because you're so awesome!! Thank you so much Kelli and Daniel For your free wonderful workouts, tips, recipes, advice! You are both saints and I wish you all the best in life :)


11/21/15 1:59am

Thank you for telling this bit of your story with the simplicity and beauty that is all your own. Younger, I struggled with anorexia and excercising myself to the bone. My life path has provided tools to heal that and practice balance. Now I am challenged with lyme disease which I am healing little by little. I spent almost a year where I couldn't exercise at all which was a true test for my ex-anorexic and exercise maniac tendencies!!!!! 6 months ago I was better enough to start exercising again and I prayed for guidance. That's when I found your site and have slowly built myself up. You both are truly a Godsend! I am grateful beyond words. Thank you.


11/20/15 2:14pm

Thank you for sharing this with us!
Like I'm sure many of my fitness blender pals, I would've never thought you had any type of health condition because you look so great. You and Daniel have changed the way I workout and eat, and I thank you for that. You both are an inspiration and true champs! What I love about you guys is you're so REAL. And you are so right, it's important we work out to be healthy overall not just to have a great butt or abs. Thank you for everything. May God bless you both and may you continue to have great health!


11/19/15 1:22pm

This was timely advice after dealing with a couple weeks of injury and illness. I found myself feeling a bit defeated and "blah". I love the advice that we need to do what works for where we find ourselves NOW. At 35 I know squat jumps will not always be part of my fact when I have an injury that keeps me from HIIT I find myself thanking God when I CAN do it again ( crazy, right?!). Being active and taking care of this body God gave me (with the minor injuries and set backs I battle from time to time) is what motivates me...He has purpose for me and I want to be my best and most energetic to answer that call! Simply having body that CAN do any of your videos is such a gift! There are many who do not have the luxury of doing star jumps(ouch!) is that for perspective!? ;) I know not everyone shares my beliefs and that's cool! I just totally agree...the current state of firmness for my abs and butt could never motivate me enough to stick it out! Thanks for sharing your story and for your fantastic site. Prayers for you and Daniel! :)


11/19/15 12:40pm

I have in general had a healthy life, mostly out of luck than anything. What I mean is it's normal for me to not be sick, which is a blessing if you think about it, but we take it for granted. I've been working out regularly (but admittedly with some large rest periods now and then - think a few months each time) for the last 11 years, and I think that's the main reason why I'm the healthiest person in my house. My mom and my sister are constantly catching the flu, hurting their joints, falling on their knees, etc etc and I am 100% sure that it's because they are quite sedentary. They claim they have weak bodies, and they use all these injuries and "weaknesses" to justify not working out, so it's a never ending story.
This year I've been getting sick rather frequently, but I think it's because it's been a very stressful and sad year, and once again, exercise has helped me a loooot. I feel better instantly when I work out, and the effect lasts all day. When I go several days without working out I even start getting cranky. My family has called me obsessive, but I don't share their opinion. What's obsessive about wanting to give myself an hour (or less) every day to do something for me? Is it wrong to be proud of the changes I see in my body, in the little accomplishments I get every now and then? It's not like I talk about working out 24/7, or check the calorie content on every single thing I put in my mouth. In fact, if you put chocolate or wine in front of me, I can't resist... I don't even try to resist :)
Thankfully I don't know what it's like to have chronic illnesses, but I applaude your strength and the way you have decided to see things... and I completely agree. I hope you continue to be the healthy and down to earth role model that you have become for many people, I wish you and Daniel the best always.

11/19/15 10:54am

Thank you Kelli, for this and for all you do to make fitness and healthy living accessible to so many. One point you made really resounded with me. I have depression and anxiety ( I can't say I "suffer" from it, more its something I live and deal with). I have found exercise to be a great help. I can come home from a stressful day and then do a workout. The workout will exhaust my body but more importantly, it will exhaust my mind from negative thoughts. I feel better and feel better about myself. Just now I was having a down day. "Was" - but not after doing some workouts. My mood has lifted and ready for the rest of the day. I am so grateful to you and Daniel for all your support and encouragement.


11/19/15 9:56am

Kelli, this could not have been said better. I agree with you 100% and am so happy to know the reasons behind what you do. My family and I have been working out with you since 2012 and tell everyone about you. You are honest, practical, and real. No extremes here. As a family we do our best to eat clean for the same reasons and it saddens me to know that so many things we suffer from can be helped with real food and exercise and people just don't realize it. You both are to be commended for speaking up and saying what you know is right! Thank you for all you do! I'm know the comments here are just a small sampling of the many lives you have touched, know that all of us out here on the other end really appreciate you.


11/17/15 10:06pm

I applaud you for being so open and honest. You just solidified why I so highly recommend you to everyone. We all struggle (and if you don't, you will). I have Graves' disease and Dermatomyositis. My goal quickly changed from appearance driven to health driven after my DM diagnosis. Thank you for being so transparent. This community of people need that.


11/17/15 9:05pm

How courageous of you to share your experiences! I've been briefly motivated by all of the superficial reasons that are prevalent in the media, but (finally!) I've discovered that I simply need to be healthy in order to do the things I love without any pain (e.g., playing with my son, dancing). I hate being limited by joint pain and sluggishness. After working out with you guys for over a year now (the most consistent I've been in my adult life), my knee and hip pain are gone, I have more energy, catch fewer colds (a near trick since I work in an elementary school), and am just more confident in general. Long-term healthy eating was also motivated by setting a good example for my son, and I'm proud to report that at age 7, he asks for veggies and has started reading nutrition labels (although I have his teachers to thank for that as well). My main stumbling block at this point is portion control--I just want to eat all of the things! :)


11/17/15 7:55pm

Kelli I have IC as well, It is horrible!!! I have been taking 2 tablespoons of bovine colostrum for a year and I it's healing my bladder! I feel like it's almost completely healed. I try to tell anyone with IC that I can because it's been such a blessing! Bladder Q ( I buy both on Amazon ) has helped a ton as well.


11/17/15 7:55pm

Kelli I have IC as well, It is horrible!!! I have been taking 2 tablespoons of bovine colostrum for a year and I it's healing my bladder! I feel like it's almost completely healed. I try to tell anyone with IC that I can because it's been such a blessing! Bladder Q ( I buy both on Amazon ) has helped a ton as well.


11/17/15 7:45pm

Thank you so much for sharing. I have many health conditions that people do not realize and so I appreciate when someone in the fitness industry can be real and up front. Please know that cancer is not always about what a person does mom had oral cancer and she did not engage in any of the typical lifestyle choices that would make someone susceptible to that. Again, thank you for being you and sharing it with the world. It is inspiring and motivating.


11/17/15 7:31pm

Thank you for sharing your could be making a huge difference in someone's life. Motivation should definitely be more than weight loss. Mine is my kiddos, I have triplets and want them to grow up with healthy habits. I love having them work out with me and watching them make smart food choices....because they want to, not because I'm standing there watching. You and Daniel have made a huge impact on my life, I will do the same for them. Thank you!!!


11/17/15 7:13pm

Loved this! I'm in my midtwenties and my health has become much more important to me as I've gotten older. Your workouts are my favorites! And the app community keeps me motivated. Thank you for all that you do. ❤️


11/17/15 7:02pm

THANK YOU KELLI!!! What you said about pills is exactly how I feel and try to tell people that taking mass amount of pills for a number of things is not the answer every time. My mother in-law and sister in-law take pills for all their "problems" But they insist they need them. I try explaining to them in a loving way that their are other ways to cure those things. they talk about exercising and then it never happens. I am and will always be their cheerleader and to help motivate them. I would love to see them excel at their health goals and dreams. I'm living proof that it can happen if you are consistent and have a healthy mindset. Thank you so much Kelli and Daniel you truly have changed my life for the better!


11/17/15 4:43pm

Hi, Kelli. I also was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis. I understand diet is very important but sometimes I'm not so sure what to eat to make it better. I never imagined you suffered from the same condition. If there are any tips that you want to share, I'll be very grateful.


11/17/15 3:42pm

Hi Kelli, thank you so much for sharing your story! I've been working out with you guys for about 2.5 years now and you've become one of my main role models and heroes! Part of the reason that I work out most days is because I always feel better after doing a video with you, your little comments always brighten my day or inspire me! I'm sitting here with tears running down my face because what you've written is so validating and exactly what I needed right now. I've got a history of OCD and anorexia, and I only really started to recover from my eating disorder habits when I found Fitnessblender! You're the only fitness company I've ever found that truly promotes being holistically healthy, happy and strong; plus seems to come from a core of self love and acceptance. I've had a lot of work stress recently and my OCD has flared up again and caused big problems in my relationships, but my partner also works out with you guys and I think it will be really helpful for him to read this and know that I'm not the only one with these problems! We both look up to you guys, and it helps to know that everyone goes through hard times. It's so true that eating well, working out and getting enough sleep are the best way to feel better, so I'm off to find my next workout video and make today a good day!
Thank you so much again Kelli! Keep up the great work xoxo

11/17/15 3:22pm

hello Kelly are happy that you shared this part of your life, some things are very personal.I was surprised when I read what you wrote on OCD, even for several years I am struggling with it,from about 7 years.. I am not terrified by the disease, obsessions concern other topics of my emotional life and relationships.. I understand then that it is not easy to talk about topics like this with other people.
I was 17 when I come upon us the trouble and I did not even know you could be so evil and have so much anxiety, have doubts about everything. all my certainties had collapsed most intimate and personal with all those terrible thoughts....
After several ups and downs, last year I had a heavy relapse and luckily I found a very good therapist who is helping me out of the tunnel obsessions!I'm very much better now and I have learned and understood many things about my life although I still have a bit 'of work to do :) anxiety is not just a beautiful companion, but we are stronger than her !!! I am close and I send you a hug Kelli :)
I started working with you for 6 months and has never been a week without me to do my workouts fitnessblender! incredible!I lost about 8 kg, maybe I could lose more in six months but I'm happy because I have never banned any food, I eat everything preferring vegetables (which I love), fruits, lean meats, eggs, beans, rice. .even bread and pizza made by me: D and pasta
what I needed was your definition of "eating clean", I have changed a lot for the better the way I eat and the beauty is that it makes me feel so good! Sundays are when outside the home and eat more I look forward to the next day to return to my habits even eat things I like the most elaborate course!so thank you for that :)
train with your workout improves my mood, raises my self esteem and I feel stronger and healthier! I can not skip exercise for more than two days, I feel more irritated and sad without it.I feel alive when I lungs and muscles on fire, maybe I'm crazy?
in addition to these reasons that they would have enough, HIIT and various strength and cardio workouts I enjoy very much and then have a game for me and I never get bored,my breathing and my strength improved and I feel that I am doing well with my body and my're right, the weight loss as a motivation is not much, I felt REALLY motivated when I saw you so snappy, quick, tonics, with bodies strong and healthy .. and then automatically my motivations have changed, thank you for this :) as I read somewhere on this site: "fit is better than skinny";) you are an inspiration, a role model, I appreciate the work you are doing and you will appreciate even as people, humble and sweet. kisses


11/17/15 3:02pm

Thank you so much for sharing your story, this is just inspiring and helps so much remembering everyone has setbacks sometimes.
I started working out not because I wanted to lose weight but because I was shocked about how unfit, unhealthy and unhappy I was- and that at an age of 16! This should be the time where you're young and fit, but instead I got sick almost every two weeks and stayed in bed eating way too much crap half of my time. The other half I spended going out with friends, drinking alcohol and smoking. I was just 16 and already destroying my body. Plus I was overweighted and couldn't take the stares without breaking in sweat, huffing and puffing. I was unhappy. I didn't like how I looked but even worse was that I got so unsportive. I was overweighted and chubby my whole life and never skinny or anything, but I exercised my whole life and was always fit- at least for what I weighted. SO, I was unhappy with my body, my health and everything when I decided I want to work out. Really work out. I was ashamed to do it in public, so I searched for home workout and found you guys. I started doing your workouts every second day. After a month I also began running and couldn't believe how fast my endurance increased and how good I felt! Together with working out I started craving healthy food: fruits, salad, fresh and tasty things. I think this is not that unusual, a healthy body craves for healthy food! I still ate way too much because I lost every knowledge of how much is "normal", so I started counting calories to have a help with that, and I ate a just a bit less than I burned. This way I lost weight not as fast as I could, but at least it was healthy and after losing 60 lbs I had no problem holding my weight by increasing my calorie intake and than slowly stopping to count calories. Now I eat what I want and how much I want. I work out 5 days a week doing HIIT and strength training. I wasn't sick for almost a year now, I have so much more energy, my legs are SO strong, I never had a butt (even when I was overweighted It was just flat :D ) , I always hated my thighs and hips because It was so chubby. Now my legs and my butt are my favorite body parts because they are so strong and lean and toned I would NEVER ever thought that I could achieve this! Today I look in the mirror and I like what I see! I love my body! Not only because how it looks, but because what it is able to do. From being unhealthy and unfit I became a very fit, so much more healthy and the most important so much more happy and confident person who is finally able to love herself. I am 19 years old now, I don't drink alcohol anymore, I don't smoke, I do eat unhealthy whenever I want to and I do let my body rest whenever it needs a rest; but the thing is: I barely crave unhealthy food anymore and I love exercising so much, I don't really need to push myself that hard to not skip a workout. LONG STORY but in the end: Thank you so much for everything you do. You are really changing lifes all around the world (Germany here !:D) and I am sure that you already saved a few lifes by just inspiring people to live more healthy.


11/17/15 2:22pm

Thank you Kelli for your heart felt honesty. And thanks to everyone else and their honesty.this is what is so great about FB and their family following.. FB simply IS the best


11/17/15 1:42pm

Hi Kelli, thank you for your honesty. This made me love you even more! I've never commented anything before but I thought I might as well share my story. I started working out with you guys a little over a year ago and now very rarely a week goes by without at least 1 Fitness Blender workout. Usually 3 or 4 a week. They're so good! I went to the gym before, to those fitness classes, and while they were quite fun, it was very body focused if you know what I mean. Things like "you ate that piece of cake and now you have to work for it!!!". While it may be all fun and games for some people it wasn't that for me. I had anorexia before and back then I was still recovering. I spent about 20 hours at the gym every week. I told myself and everyone else I was getting better but in reality I had just replaced my food-obsession with an exercise-obsession. Now I don't have access to gym (=not enough money to spend 60-100 AUD a month for it) so my sister told me about Fitness Blender. Your body-positive attitude really changed me for the good. I've now realised exercise is about being healthy, not about being skinny. I've gained a bit of weight, most of it is muscle and the jeans that I wore a year ago don't fit me anymore because my thighs are so muscular! :D I have a healthier attitude towards eating, exercise and my body, and you (Kelli and Daniel both) have helped me achieve this. I also have several health problems that I manage by exercising. No matter how crap I'm feeling, a good HIIT will make me feel a million times better, physically and mentally. Thank you for all the good work you do. I have recommended you to all my friends who've been looking for something different in their exercise routine.


11/17/15 1:37pm

Thank you so much for sharing all of this. I think sometimes people (myself included) get too focused on the outward changes and forget about all the other benefits of exercise. Thank you for being so down to earth and open with us. Sometimes it helps to be reminded that you guys have physical/health struggles too, even if we can't tell it from the videos and pictures you share. YOU motivate me with how honest you guys are and how hard you work and how much you genuinely care about those that look up to you. Thank you for being such great role models!


11/17/15 1:24pm

Thank you for sharing Kelli! You are such an inspiration. I have a chronic autoimmune disease called lupus. Exersice and eating healthy have helped me enormously. I stuggle with joint pain and fatigue but I always manage to find the right workouts with you guys. Thank you so much for all you do!


11/17/15 1:15pm

I too have IC and chose to do the holistic route. It does rule life sometimes and what you are capable of. Actually it was when IC took away my ability to ride my bike that I found Fitness Blender. Over time and with treatment I am now able to ride my bike, but I got hooked. The workout keep me sane my old habits of anorexia at bay and help with the IC (along with a careful diet). Thank you a million times over for posting that stuff. We often feel so alone in our struggles especially the ones no one can see. Health is definitely a journey but one worth pursuing.


11/17/15 1:03pm

Thank you for putting yourself out there Kelli. I found you all in August of last year after looking for stretches to relieve back pain. Then I stuck with you because I vowed to get myself off of the medication I was taking for PCOS. Plus, your workouts are fun and approachable. I never feel like it's a chore working out with you all. It's hard work, don't get me wrong, but it's always fun and engaging. I went to the doctor in July and I've been off the meds ever since. I never want to go back! Thank you FB; you've got a follower for life!


11/17/15 12:44pm

I use FB because it helps me sleep better, which has for the most part eliminated massive headaches.. I still get them from time to time, but not everyday like I used to before I started working out. Also it helps to burn up my extra energy, relieves stress. Hubby can tell when I've not worked out in a while because I get "cranky", he just tells me to start working out again. I still struggle with eating clean, I try to, but it's hard because I work 2 jobs and don't have time to cook things, I'm at work during most meal times. Hubby does most of the shopping and I haven't gotten him convinced yet that it's important for both of us, still working on him though.


11/17/15 12:41pm

I usually don't comment but knowing you'll read this I was motivated. I am 46 two kids and stage 4 breast cancer. Before the cancer and now I have depression and anxiety. Through everything I never missed more than two days of exercise for the past twenty years. The day I was diagnosed I ran to the treadmill (before I met you) to help calm the overwhelming pain and anxiety. It is my medicine. Not knowing what exercises to do I got overwhelmed and just stuck with the treadmill day after day. With endless searches for the best DVD which would bore me after two weeks. However since meeting you I have not been on my treadmill since the first workout complete 6 months ago. I also changed to a plant based diet and believe in combination with modern medicine it is what has put me in remission for the past two years. So thank you! I have always loved to exercise but you took all the guess work out...and I have enough to stress about.:)

11/17/15 12:12pm

I found FB when I was starting my own journey toward better health. Admittedly, my initial main motivator was my upcoming wedding. I was (and still am) fairly overweight, and with a few chronic conditions, I was worried about my wedding day. I had (still have) a hard time being on my feet for a long time, primarily thanks to a broken vertebra that was caught pretty late, and I just plain never felt good.

I knew my diet was crap. I grew up at a financial disadvantage, and my mother, working two jobs, would basically put whatever was convenient on the table. As I grew up and started living on my own, I changed my diet a bit, but even I know it wasn't as good as it could have been. Then I met the guy who would become my husband, and as he is/was active, he tends to be one of those people who can eat nearly anything and just not gain weight. I wanted to impress him with foods that tasted pretty good at the time, but looking back they weren't very healthy foods.

A couple of years ago, I decided to hire a personal trainer to help me start to get fitter for my wedding. I didn't expect to look drastically different over the course of 6 months, but I didn't exactly expect to gain weight. My trainer, as good as she was with the physical aspect unfortunately also bought into certain fad diets, and I ended up stronger but 10 pounds heavier than when I first met her.

Seeing the number that high on the scale scared me. I know it should have clicked earlier, but I had lost my stepfather around two years before my wedding. His family had a history of heart problems, and a lifetime's worth of terrible diet had left him obese. He had a gastric bypass, which helped him lose much of the weight, but it was pretty much too late. Seeing the number on the scale finally made it click that I didn't want to end up like that. My mother has Type 2 diabetes, and it's hard to see her now, having developed even worse vision and a degenerative nerve condition that was worsened by her diabetes. On top of everything, I have a chronic painful condition that isn't exactly brought on by my weight, but my weight certainly doesn't help, and choosing to remain unhealthy isn't going to help, either.

So in addition to my trainer, I started looking up workouts that I could do at home, which led me to FB. And when trying to figure out my diet, I went back to the tried and true method of just watching what I eat. I started making sure that I didn't eat as much processed junk as I did, I stopped buying the sugary protein bars that were just an excuse to eat glorified candy after a workout, and I started making sure that those junk foods that I just can't stop eating either don't enter the house, or they stay out of reach. I'm in charge of the grocery list each week, so I'm surrounded by only healthy foods. And while I do count calories (it really has at least worked for me), there are two days a week where I relax, stop counting calories, and just eat the healthy foods that I'm surrounded by.

I had to move away from my trainer, but thankfully, you and Daniel can meet me anywhere. :) The stress of moving across the country briefly caused me to regress to comfort eating, but when I forced myself to really ask how I felt, I went back to my healthy ways.

Am I still sore and tired every day due to my chronic conditions? Definitely. Do I still work out? Yes. I still like the "good" soreness that comes from putting my physical fitness first. And despite any sort of soreness, whether it's related to a medical condition or not, I still feel better than I did when I wasn't making those healthy choices. I've remembered how good fresh, whole foods can taste, and I've also remembered how much I really love to cook. Now that I'm actively listening to my body and following what it's asking me to do:
- The weight is coming off.
- I'm not embarrassed because I have to pause going up a single flight of stairs.
- Every time I push myself to be better than the last time I did something (like lifting heavier), and especially when I succeed, I feel pretty good about myself.

I just get stronger. And strong is the best feeling of all. It took me 29 years to get to the point that I understood that I can be strong, mentally and physically, and I'm loving the results. I don't care if I lose the full 130 that I still need to lose (the phrase "overweight" that I used earlier is definitely an understatement); I just want to be the strongest me that I can be.

I love, love, love working out with you guys every day. Thank you both so much for your positivity. And I know it sounds weird, but thank you for not being afraid to admit that a certain move is really tiring you out. The willingness to admit that you're as human as the rest of us really keeps me coming back.


11/17/15 12:06pm

Hi Kellie,
This was so motivational!! No Pun intended.
You are such a strong and brave person to put your business out there.
Me personally, I started to workout again because I was getting out of shape and started getting sick more often. My job put a lot of stress on me and I could not workout.
It's been 2/12 years that I am home and working out so much. I see such a great difference with my medical and mental health.
Now my motivation to exercise is my special needs daughter. I want to make sure that I am around for her a long time.
I am so happy that I accidentally, found one of Daniel's intense cardio workouts.
I want to thank you both for your videos and inspiration.


11/17/15 11:40am

I understand how you feel because I too am scared of getting cancer and that is because my father died of cancer. The doctor said he had a cancer gene and that there is a 50 precent chance I have it also. Three years ago I found fitness blender. I started slowly, only doing ten minute workouts twice a week, but I didn't feel any better because I wasn't eating well. Three years into the future and I am 40 lbs lighter and so much more healthier. I eat clean and workout five days a week and stretch on the weekends. I found a love through working out.
When I am not doing fitness blender, I am at my gym - Sterns Gym. It's a bodybuilding gym where my father once worked out. Here I found my passion: weightlifting. I am now a powerlifter, something I never thought I would be. It is challenging but I love it.
A couple months ago my family noticed a change in me. I was becoming obsessive with where things were placed in the house, my workout routine, and what I eat. It is a struggle everyday, but I am getting better. However, it doesn't help when my family makes fun of me and laughs at me for it.
To block out the naysayers, I must remind myself of all the obstacles I have overcome.

Kelli, you and Daniel have changed my life. Thank you for sharing your story.


11/17/15 11:21am

Kelli, I have been working out with you and Daniel for over two years and I had no idea you were having these health problems during this time! That is a testament to your healthy lifestyle. Thank you for your honesty and positive attitude! I really enjoy working with you and Daniel everyday. Keep up the great work!


11/17/15 10:59am

Kelli, I'm so sorry to hear about your past (and present) struggles - I'm so glad you came out okay! Just another reason why we love you and why you're such an inspiration.

It's funny: I just got an e-mail from another fitness person: Working hard and eating right and still not losing weight?
and I'm just sitting here like... ditch the scale. Seriously. It'll make everything better!

I have to say, starting out with you guys in March, my main motivator was looking better and feeling better. Since then, it has changed. I just told my mom and sister two days ago that I love working out because it
a) makes me feel good and accomplished,
b) is a balance to all the sitting and studying and
c) most importantly, I'm still young and this is the best time to help my body/immune system/Health get set up for the years to come. A little bit like you, I'm afraid of getting hit by preventable health issues. So everytime I'm doing hiit or cardio, I'm honestly actively thinking "There you go, heart. I'm making you strong and fit, no need to betray me 20 years from now with a heart attack..." :D
Also, I'm constantly amazed at what my muscles can actually lift and do for me when I pay attention to and push them.

So yeah, like you said: Get started with anything that helps you stick to it for a while, it's better to have superficial motivators than none at all. But if people are working out with you guys, I think the change to doing it for health comes naturally and really soon. There's no way around it with your way of living and passing that onto us.

I appreciate it, very much. Thanks Kelli! (And Daniel :))


11/17/15 10:54am

Thanks for this, Kelli. Sharing your problems in this way can't have been easy and since you always look so fantastic, I think many people believe that you're just naturally fit and healthy. Knowing that others have to work through their difficulties motivates people more than seeing 6-packs and perky bums. Thanks for all you do and please keep doing it.


11/17/15 10:38am

I love you guys!

You are changing people' lives for the better. And only a few ones have that privilege. FEEL PROUD OF IT ;)

Hope to meet you someday! (Any plans for travelling to Europe?)


11/17/15 10:36am

Kelli, it seems we have quite some things in common. I also have OCD and I am terrified of some diseases, and I also was 20lb heavier 4 years ago, before I changed my lifestyle. I appreciate this honest video: as I am getting totally hopeless every time I get some health issue, it is actually encouraging to see that even our fitness role models (like you, for example) are people from flash and bones and that it is normal to have some problem from time to time despite the healthy lifestyle.

Staying healthy is a big part of my workout motivation. Looking good and feeling confident is another reason, I admit. However, the biggest reason why I exercise is that I am addicted to it it seems... I don't know if this addiction is good or bad, but if I skip exercise for more than 2 days I become depressed, defocused, irritable and fight with my family all the time :) Not nice! It all disappears after an hour of exercise, happiness is back. Another reason why I love exercising is that I admire how strong the human body can be and all the things that it can achieve.

Thanks for sharing awesome videos and positive vibes! :)

11/17/15 10:35am

This came to me at the right time. I've finally managed to motivate myself to stop my weight from going up everytime i lose 10/20 pounds.

Around a week ago i started to take more control of my cooking and varying the ingredients and making my own homemade deserts if i ever need something sweet. I drink mostly water and tea and sometimes coffe and i havent eaten junk food for all this time expect a piece of chocolate. For me going through a week like this would have been impossible before now. Everytime i've tried it just made me obsess about it.

Now i've bought 2 of you workouts that i'm doing. Today was my day 1 and i have an injured wrist. It was annoying to me that at 20 i cant use it much in push ups, cobra, downward dog or any of these but i've either used my elbows or kept moving.

This video helped me boost my new and still shaky found confidence. You guys are an inspiration!! I eat healthy, i've started exercising, it can only go up!!

By the way even after a week of this i feel waaay better. I used to be tired all the time for the last year and a half and i could sleep as little as 5 or even 10/12 hours and anything in between and nothing helped but i feel really great chosing and cooking my meals also makes me happy now !! I tried your salsa recipe today and it was awesome :D

Thank you so much for all your time and effort and positive energy !!


11/17/15 10:29am

Thank you for sharing Kelli, I completely agree with you. I think the trigger for me was when my aunt and my uncle both got cancer, and their lifestyle was mainly the reason why (no exercise, bad eating habits, smoking,...), my father got diabetes, and my mother has high cholesterol. I thought there had to be a connection there, so I decided to change my lifestyle, eat clean most of the time and thanks to you and Daniel I've been working out for more than two years now, and I can't live without your videos anymore :) So thanks again so much !

11/17/15 10:25am

I have been working out with FB for over a year. Thank you so much what you doing for others. My father died from liver cancer when he was 59 and I had really hard time dealing with my loss. Since then I decided to eat healthy and exercise to be with family and my children as long as I can. Then again thank you so much.

11/17/15 10:24am

Weight loss or looking hot as a motivator is a young person's thing. I am 54. Age happens. Nothing to do about that except make peace with it and make it about the health. One motivation is to not shrink and lose bone density. I have watched this happen to my mom and other older women. My greater motivation is to keep up with a disabled son who is strong, fast, and not aware of danger. These are so much more sustaining longterm at my age.


11/17/15 10:19am

Wow thank you for sharing that with us!! I have had a much healthier relationship with food and exercise since I changed my motivation from exercising and eating for looks/vanity vs health/mood/functionality. You guys are a huge part of that. Seriously.

I also have interstitial cystitis and deal with lots of muscular/skeletal issues, but taking care of myself properly is the only way to truly help myself. So THANK YOU!! You guys are awesome

11/17/15 10:16am

Thank you! The timing was perfect as I struggle yet again with another round of migraines. I've learned over the past 30 years of this chronic unpredictable conditon that exercise is key. I may lighten the load a bit after a migraine but I never stop completely. This morning (after 4 days of repeating migraines) I did light cardio and a nice pilates workout. I was in tears because it felt so good and so right. I finished and read this. Thanks for nailing it Kelli.


11/17/15 10:12am

Thanks for this Kelli! You and Daniel keep me motivated! I looked forward to getting home from work everyday to do your workouts! I love discussing with my mom which workouts we love best and scheduling our calendars months in advance (both with your programs and our own choice of what we enjoy). It really helps us to keep going! Still working on getting my food in check but it's a work in progress! Thanks again for everything you two do!


11/17/15 10:11am

You guys never cease to amaze me with your honesty and positivity, which (I suspect) is why your followers respond so well to you and all that you do. I'm sorry to hear about the health issues you've had, Kelli, and floored that you've been able to work so hard through it all! It's a real testament to your character and dedication to helping others on their fitness/health journeys.

I know I'm far from the only FB follower who has this as motivation, but- for me, working out regularly has made a HUGE difference in my mental health. I struggle with depression and sometimes anxiety, and if I take more than a day or two off of working out, I definitely feel the difference, mentally speaking. I am also hesitant to utilize meds to control it, so having a natural alternative to help me really improves my quality of life (on top of the physical benefits).


11/17/15 9:57am

My current motivation for eating well and exercising is how it makes me feel, and how it improves my mood and physical well-being on a daily basis. That's not to say the improved physical appearance doesn't help at all - it certainly does, let's not pretend my mental well-being isn't affecting on some level by what I see in the mirror. However, I've recently been having some problems with my upper back, shoulder and neck muscles, and going to physiotherapy was only having a moderate impact. The pain was impacting everything - I couldn't sleep through the night, I couldn't stand or walk for very long, I couldn't sit in most positions, and I just in general felt terrible. I'm not old (only 27) and can't imagine living like this, and likely it would only get worse. I'm very happy to say that within a few weeks of exercising my neck, shoulder and upper back problems have improved dramatically - more than they did after many hours and hundreds of dollars of physio. I'm doing the 4-week Low Impact program and the 4-week FB booty program and will be done this weekend. Looking forward to continuing my transformation!

11/17/15 9:55am

Keli and Daniel, you guys motivate me to workout as I really enjoy your workout videos. Thanks so much for that.


11/17/15 9:46am

Thank you for sharing! I've been struggling with Achilles Tendinitis. I am unable to do any impact exercises. I have to modify any high impact move. I'm so tired of it and so incredibly frustrated. I'm still exercising with you! This is what I needed to hear today! Love your workouts. Keep it up!


11/17/15 9:46am

Hang in there Kelli! I don't always "work out" - but I always do something, even if it's just a long walk. Thanks for putting workouts up for US to do! Best advice up there - "Find something you enjoy."


11/17/15 9:44am

Very well said! I definitely started with the motivation of weight loss and looking/feeling better in clothes, but it's more than that now. I do feel great after a particularly challenging workout and it's been super motivating to get better at the ever-dreaded burpees! You and Daniel are great motivators and make working out fun and easy to stick to. Thank you!

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