Morning Glory Yogurt and Cereal Bowl

Morning Glory Yogurt and Cereal Bowl

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The Dish 

This recipe is inspired by the popular morning glory muffins. These mighty muffins are chock full of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables — the perfect “canvas” for creating a spin-off yogurt bowl. It might sound a little unusual to put shredded carrots on your morning yogurt, but trust us, the carrots — along with the dates, banana, almonds, and cinnamon cereal — create more of a carrot cake-like flavor. 

Hacking this Recipe 

To keep the toppings fresh and crisp, assemble these yogurt bowls right before you're ready to serve. If you plan on taking this dish to-go, package the toppings separately. Also, feel free to purchase prepped ingredients (apple slices, shredded carrots, chopped dates, etc…) to speed up the process. 

Vegan Modifications

Feel free to use your favorite dairy-free yogurt in place of the traditional Greek yogurt in this recipe.


Preparation Instructions