Medicine Ball Reviews - The Best Medicine Balls for Sale

Medicine Ball Reviews - The Best Medicine Balls for Sale

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Medicine balls have been around for a few hundred years or more and have not changed much until recently, as new materials have become available. There was already a healthy number of individual and partner exercises that used them for everything from rehabilitation exercises, strength building, toning, functional and sports training, but now with the different styles to choose from, there are even more exercise possibilities.

Over the years I have used every style of this piece of equipment out there. I have compiled a list of the different types and their uses to help you narrow down your search for the best kind for your workouts. The following are all from Power Systems as they are a company I have used many times before and can attest to their products quality and durability.

Bounceable Styles

- Elite Power Medicine Balls
This is my favorite of all and I use it on a regular basis with my clients. It bounces very well and has a perfectly centered weight, which gives it a consistent feel no matter how you hold it. The Elite Power is also incredibly durable; the ones I have are over 5 years old and though they no longer look new, they have kept their symmetry and still bounce just like they did when they were brand new. In fact, in terms of making a list of the best medicine balls for sale, it’s tempting to just stop the list here but there are many more types out there. You can buy this style in weights from 2 lb to 30 lbs at various increments.

- Basic Power Medicine Ball
If you don’t quite have the budget for the Elite version, then “Basic Power” is the next step down; it’s a cheaper product that is still quality. It has the same centered weight and ability to bounce, it is just not quite as heavy duty. These are definitely not for the commercial gym but for a home gym these are more than adequate. These also come in weights from 2 lb to 30 lbs at various increments.

- Power Strap
These are basically the Elite with a built-in, adjustable strap on each side that can also be removed completely. The straps come in handy when you are doing exercises that require you to hold a Medicine Ball between your feet, something that is quite difficult for most people. You can find these for sale in weights from 2 lb to 12 lbs at 2 lb increments.

- Power Rope Version
The Power Rope is yet another version of the Elite, this time with a rope running though the middle. It is designed for using with a swinging and rotational motion. Though these do come in handy with specific motions, they are awkward to use in a traditional sense. If you have the extra money these are a good buy but if you don’t, then get a Power Sling instead. You can buy this style in weights from 2 lb to 18 lbs at various increments.

Soft and Non-Bouncing

- Dynamax
The Dynamax is about the closest you can get to the old school leather version that your great grandfather used to use. These are preferred by physical therapists as they don’t bounce and are more difficult to hold and handle because of their large size and soft exterior. These have a more centered weight compared to the old school versions, but they can still become lopsided as they age. These are very durable and would be great for a commercial or home gym. These non-bouncing, soft styles come in weights from 4 lb to 20 lbs at 2 lb increments.

- Mega Medicine Ball
This is a slightly less expensive version of the Dynamax that has all of the same great attributes. It also comes in a slightly larger, 25lb weight. These come in weights from 6 lb to 25 lbs at various increments.

- Mini Dynamax
The Mini Dynamax is the same as the regular Dynamax but in a smaller, easier to handle size. This is a great match for those who like the old school feel but not the old school size. You can find these in weights from 2 lb to 6 lbs at 1 lb increments.

- Non-Bounce
The Non-Bounce is similar to the size and feel of the new style ones but is made out of a material that will not bounce. It is specifically intended for use with throwing and slamming exercises (for safety, you do have to be careful when using the bouncing ones for slamming and throwing exercises). These come in weights from 2 lb to 30 lbs at various increments.

- Power Grip-Ball
This version can not only be used for typical exercises but can also be used as a kettlebell, which makes it a versatile piece of workout equipment. The only drawback of the Power Grip is that it does not bounce and its irregular shape makes it slightly awkward in partner exercises. These come in weights from 2 lb to 20 lbs at various increments.

- CorBall Plus
The CorBall Plus is similar to a Power Strap but the handles are solid and cannot be removed. Though the handles do come in handy with some exercises, they can make it easier to hold, which to me defeats the purpose. This coupled with the fact that they are relatively expensive makes the CorBall Plus a good fit for a commercial gym but not a good fit for a home gym. These come in weights from 6 lb to 30 lbs at various increments.

Mini Medicine Balls

- Mini Soft Touch
These small, soft Medicine Balls are fantastic for those who are looking for a way to make their Yoga, Pilates, core training routine, or bodyweight training routine more difficult. The Soft Touch is not intended for rough use as they are not very durable, but in the right hands and especially in a home gym these will last for a very long time. You can find these for sale in weights from 1 lb to 10 lbs at 1 lb increments.

- Mind & Body Ball
This is also a great tool to increase the difficulty of a Yoga or Pilates routine. They are similar to a traditional style but are palm sized with a strap to hold them securely to your hands. These are durable and would be a great investment for an aerobics class at a commercial gym or for personal use in a home gym. These come in weights from 1 lb to 4 lbs at various increments.

- Power Throw-Ball Baseball and Softball
These very small weighted styles are intend to be used for pitch training but can be used for various other sports trainings as well. They have a tough vinyl shell and come in baseball and softball sizes. Both styles of these come in weights from 7 oz to 21 oz at 7 oz increments.

No matter which you choose, having various weights is a great idea, whether you are wanting to add to your home gym or your commercial gym. Medicine Balls are versatile and effective in hundreds of exercises and can be incorporated into routines for beginners or seasoned athletes with ease. If you have never used them, you are missing out on an amazing training tool.