Lisette's Fitness Blender Before and After

Lisette's Fitness Blender Before and After

I just want to thank you guys for all that you have done!

My journey started out 3 years ago with running. That was all I knew but I got bored. As a beginner I didn't know how to tone or what to do. Until I came across your fitnessblender workouts on YouTube.

I was so embarrassed to wear shorts and tankies, my arms were flappy, my legs had cellulite, I was so unhappy. Until I started your workouts. My cellulite is almost gone, and my arms are tightening up. This summer I can walk with my head up and not ashamed of my body! I am so gonna rock shorts with pride, I have muscle on my legs!!! And the cuts, well little cuts I do have in my arms, is awesome.

Thanks a lot because with 4 kids, being a stay at home mom, husband working so much, I don't have time or extra money for the gym and you guys have made it easy for me to workout in my living room. I have let everyone I know about your workouts!

When I get some extra money I will be buying the tankie workout complete and the nutrition book (because let's be honest we all can't wait to hear this workout is complete. Lol) Not to mention I think I yell at Daniel in my living room 95% of the time I tell him I can't do this one more break Lol but thank you again! I and many many many other people appreciate all you do! Be blessed you too and have an awesome day!


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