Kettlebells for Sale - Best Place to Buy Kettlebells

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Kettlebells for Sale - Best Place to Buy Kettlebells

Kettlebells have been use for centuries for fitness programs but have only recently come back to the forefront of fitness as a great tool for functional strength training. Their shape and weight displacement make it a unique training tool that tends to incorporate multiple muscle groups in angles and positions that build more functional strength.

They are especially useful for boot camp style workout routines, as the exercises that you can do with them tend to be more challenging because of the number of muscles involved. Whether you are toning using lightweight kettlebells or building size and strength with the monster 100 pounders, they are a great piece of equipment to have.

Finding kettlebells for sale is becoming easier but they can still be hard to find. Those who do sell them tend to only sell one variety or a limited weight selection. Check these guys out, but first, keep reading to find out which specific type will best serve your needs.

Original Kettlebell: These are like the ones your great grandpa used to use. This is what they have looked like since they started making them out of cast iron; no frill blobs of iron with a handle.

This is the most economical version and also the most heavy duty; you will have these for the rest of your life . Buy a style like this, put some protective spray paint on them, and you can even leave them outside. You can find these kettlebells for sale on Power Systems, available from 5 to 100 lbs.

Ultra Kettlebell: The Ultra is a modern style with a slightly more rounded body. The main difference from the Original to the Ultra it that the Ultra comes with a rubber plate on the bottom to protect your floors. Though the Ultra will cost you a bit more, it is worth the cost if you will be using them indoors or on any surface other than rubber gym flooring. These are available from 5 to 100 lbs.

Premium Kettlebell: These are similar to the Ultras except the body has been dipped in vinyl to reduce noise and provide even more protection of the equipment and your floors. These are color coded to weight and meant for indoor use only. These would most likely be used in a gym/group fitness setting but would also make great additions in a high end home gym. Power Systems has these from 5 to 50 lbs.

Kor Kettleball: This last variety is not technically a kettlebell as it is not made from cast iron but more of a medicine ball type material, hence the name Kettleball. This less intimidating version was the 2009 Top Gear of the Year Award Winner and definitely has a cool look while still performing essentially the same function as a the original.

The Kor Kettleball is constructed of pliable materials, making it a much safer alternative to it's traditional counterpart. It is color-coded by level with its weight printed on the side of its non-scuffing body, which is uniformly sized across all weights. This is a great option for gyms and group fitness classes requiring kettlebells. You can find them on Power Systems from 5 to 25 lbs.