Kelli's Personal Workout Program - Kelli's Favorite Fitness Blender Workouts

In terms of my own workout program, I can honestly say that there's nothing that I do to stay in shape that you can't find available, for free, here on

I have a very heavy workload; there are only two people that run everything you see on Fitness Blender, so I spend many hours at the computer writing, editing, and developing new workout programs. Although we're in the business of creating workout videos, in reality I very much have a typical sedentary desk job. For that reason, it's very important for me to commit to making the time to squeeze in regular workouts.

When I get the chance to focus on my own fitness, I use Fitness Blender workout videos (moderately awkward, but hey they work!). I even frequently use the search tool, filtering workouts by length, difficulty, and muscle group in order to minimize the time I waste deciding what to do for a routine.

In the last few years I have grown to really enjoy strength training and I think that it has been one of the training styles that has had the most impact on my body and mindset. My goal is to do twice a week strength sessions for both the upper and lower body, but because of my hectic schedule I often end up doing more dynamic, total body strength workouts that incorporate both the upper and lower body, 2-3 times a week. I do HIIT roughly twice a week, and usually add in a few bouts of low impact cardio as well.

Though my favorite go-to workouts are constantly changing, here are just a few of my favorite routines that I find myself coming back to:

Lower Body Routines:

Kelli's Butt & Thigh Workout

Cardio & Lower Body Toning - Better Booty Workout + Yoga Cool Down

Upper Body Favorites:

Upper Body Superset Workout - Strength and Cardio Workout

Tank Top Arms Workout

Total Body:

Fat Blasting Total Body Strength Workout

Quick & Fearless Kettlebell Workout for the Entire Body

Occasionally I'll brave one of these: 1000 Calorie Workout


HIIT Quick & HIIT Hard

HIIT Like A Girl Round 2

When I Say Jump HIIT - Round 2


37 Minute Fat Burning Bodyweight Cardio Workout

Cardio Kickboxing Workout


Goodbye Stress Calming Stretching Workout

Fluid Stretching - Toning & Flexibility Routine

It's important to realize that these favorites are very fluid and that I'm constatnly changing things up.

Here's the 8 Week Fat Loss Programs that I reference in the video, that so closely mimic my actual workout program.


I've always thought of myself as having workout attention deficit disorder; I get bored very easily, and I struggle with the patience to repeat the same thing over and over again. Honestly, the desire to stay fit without facing the dread of boring, repetitive, tedious routines is part of what fueled the beginning of Fitness Blender, and definitely what works for me now, time and time again as I come back to my own little creations in order to stay healthy and fit. The good thing is that frequently mixing things up is okay and even beneficial when it comes to workouts. I hope I've answered your questions and shed a little light on the workout program style and videos that I enjoy; what videos are your favorites?