Joy's Story: I Lost 80 lbs in 11 Months: I'm Much Stronger Now

Joy's Story: I Lost 80 lbs in 11 Months: I'm Much Stronger Now

I started to get healthy around July of 2013. I changed my eating style and put in good work at the gym. I was getting a little bored with the gym, and not seeing much change anymore. I stumbled upon videos when looking for something to do at home. (Single mom to a small child, hard to get to the gym regularly).

It was love at first try! Really! I couldn't believe how hard they were but that's what pushed me! I started at level 2 videos and worked my way up. Seriously, y'all have transformed me! I have a waist. My arms are toned. My stomach is getting flatter. Thank you so much for the work y'all put in to get us fit!!

- How long did it take you to reach the point where you’re at now (when did you start?) 
I started to get healthy in July of 2013. 

- What were your results?
I lost 80 pounds in 11 months. I'm much stronger now, have muscle definition, I went from a size 22 to an 8-10

- What made you decide to start working out?
I saw a picture of myself with my daughter that was taken in June of 2013 and I was just blown away at how large I had gotten. I knew right then and there that no more saying I'll do it Monday...I started right that moment. 

- Do you have any favorite Fitness Blender workouts?
I have always just used your videos but on Saturdays my daughter has gymnastics so I do my own workout based on what I have learned from Y'all while she does gym. I'm a big fan of the kettlebell workouts! But really they are all great.

- Hardest Fitness Blender workout you’ve tried?
That climbing the ladder workout and 1000 calorie ones, hardest by far!!

- Average difficult of FB workouts you do?
I do anywhere from 3-5 difficulty. Usually I do 4-5 on Mondays and Tuesdays. A 3 on Wednesday. Break on Thursday, back to a 5 on Friday. My own workouts on sat and Sunday or I do the bicep burnout or another upper body workout.

- How many days a week do you exercise, length of workouts on average?
5-6 days a week I workout, always between 20-45 mins.  Legs/butt on Mondays, upper body on Tuesday with high intensity interval training. Wed is Cardio and core. Friday more HIIT. Upper body on Sunday's and a mix on Saturday. 

- Favorite healthy snack or meal?
I love to eat! Protein pancakes are awesome, banana and natural peanut butter is my fav snack. Or a handful of raw almonds 

- Best tip that you would give to someone just starting to workout?
Best tip, don't give up. Rome wasn't built in a day. You didn't get overweight overnight, and you won't get fit overnight either. It will come with hard work and dedication. 

- Favorite fitness quote?
Train insane or remain the same!!!

- Something that you have gained from committing to healthy eating and exercise?
I'm super confident now. My dating Life has taken a sudden spike, I'm more open to doing things I felt uncomfortable doing before. I run longer, faster. I started lifting 5 pounds and I'm up to 25 depending on the exercise. 

- Something that you can do now that you couldn’t do before?
I'm happy! I smile! I wear cute clothes! I make eye contact!

Thank you fitness blender!!!!