Jennifer's Story: "All your hard work will pay off! You got this!"

Jennifer's Story: "All your hard work will pay off! You got this!"

Thank you Kelli and Daniel for helping turn my life around. After 3 pregnancies and poor eating choices coupled with the results of some very unfavorable blood work, I decided it was time to commit. I started with a simple 90 day challenge that was a good starting point, but quickly got boring and monotonous and then a friend linked to one of your workouts and I was hooked from the get go! I explored your website and became a member and started following you on youtube and shortly after Facebook and Instagram! I was bookmarking all of my favorite workouts which soon became unnecessary because I loved them all! I completely changed my eating habits and went from a vegetarian diet to a whole foods plant based diet. Soon, the weight began melting off! A short 4 months later I had lost 40 lbs and all of my blood work came back perfect! 

My kids know you by name and are more than happy to play independently while I get my workouts in! They sometimes join in and cheer me on! 

Thank you for everything that you do! You have definitely made my life be of a better quality!

- When did you start?  I started on September 2, 2013 - It is easy to remember because it was Labor Day!

- What were your results? I have lost 70 lbs total and over 37 inches total (bust, waist, hips, thighs and biceps)

- What made you decide to start working out? I decided to start working out for 2 reasons: I started having sciatica issues and I got routine blood work done with some very undesirable results (high cholesterol etc)

- Did you use one of our programs or put together your own using our videos? I put together my own workout schedule with your videos...I think I may have done almost every single one of them at this point!

- Do you have any favorite Fitness Blender workouts? My favorites have changed as my fitness level has changed. But one that got me through a lot of days is this one: Fat Burning Cardio Workout - 37 Minute Fitness Blender Cardio Workout at Home - When I first started doing it, I couldn't make it through it and now I can keep up with Kelli! This is my newest fav: 44 Minute Cardio, HIIT, Total Body Strength, Stretching and Abs Workout - FB Blend

- Hardest Fitness Blender workout you've tried - I love all the hardest ones now, but when I am snowed in, I love to challenge myself to the 1,000 calorie ones!

- Average difficult of FB workouts you do (out of the 1-5 scale) - I aim for 4-5's now but when I started 2-3's was all I could do

- What’s your favorite training style? I love all of it: strength, Tabata's, HIITs, running!

- How many days a week do you exercise, length of workouts on average? I generally workout 6-7 days a week averaging 1 hour each day - with one day being mostly low impact/yoga/walking

- Favorite healthy snack or meal? Hummus and celery!

- Best tip that you would give to someone just starting to workout? Keep at it. All your hard work will pay off! You got this!

- Favorite fitness quote? I remember watching one of your vlogs where you said something along the lines of it shouldn't be "what's your excuse" but more of "what is your reason" 

- Something that you have gained from committing to healthy eating and exercise? Better health, more stamina, keeping up with my kids (ages 7, 6 & 4) and just being in a better state of mind

- Something that you can do now that you couldn't do before? How long this list could be! I can now run a 10k, I am working on a 9 minute mile actually. I can keep up with Kelli on videos (for the most part, she can still jump squat way better than me ;) ), I have regained a lot of my flexibility and at almost 40 years old (December 9th) I am possibly in the best shape of my life!

And I really do mean it when I say that you have changed my life and made me a healthier stronger person! <3

Jennifer :)