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Is it okay to workout on your period? Should you workout with cramps?

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We get this question frequently, but the only person that can really answer it is you - though I’m happy to give you some guidance as well as a get-out-of-jail-free card for workouts on days when you’re feeling extra crampy and fatigued.

That time of the month affects everyone differently, and you've likely found that it even varies in its impact from month to month, day to day. The key to maneuvering this scenario with minimal impact on your fitness routine is listening to your own body. 

Technically, you can carry on with your workouts as you usually would while you’re on your period. However, if you’ve got bad cramps and you’re feeling overly tired, it’s okay to either take down the intensity of your training session, or skip the workout altogether - though there are certain types of training that can actually help reduce symptoms. 

Working out can help boost your mood, reduce your pain, and help you feel less sluggish; yoga, stretching, Pilates, and really light cardio are all great options - check out the links below for a few suggested workouts for times when you want to be active but you’re not feeling so hot. 

Whatever you do, don't feel as though a few days of rest or reduced intensity training is going to completely derail your progress - taking a couple of days of rest when you don't feel well is nothing to feel guilty over. It would make for a miserable session to push yourself through a brutal HIIT workout when you feel really lousy, and that's not what working out is about. When you see that you're obviously not feeling well, consider counting that as a rest or light activity day, bumping out your more intense workouts by a couple of days until you feel like yourself again. 

Do you find that you have to change up your training plans during your period? Is there a certain kind of training that helps you deal with cramps and fatigue? Sign in & share below.