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Inner Thigh Workouts at Home - Inside Thigh Exercises

It’s no secret that thighs can be the easiest place to gain weight but the hardest place to lose it. Many people would swear that just looking at cheesecake adds an extra dimple, pound, or ripple to legs and glutes.

The inner thigh exercises of this workout tone legs the hard (but truly effective) way. It’s hard to find exercises that target this specific body part that don’t require a gym, but this no-equipment routine can easily be done at home. Here’s what you can do to help tone up one of the toughest areas of all.

How to do this workout
In this second printable routine, do each thigh slimming exercise for the listed time period or the set number of repetitions. Do the whole workout between two and three times through. Do this workout two to three times a week, always with a day of rest in between.

5 Minute Cardio Warm Up (do it just once through)

30 Seconds Agility Dots (on each leg)

15 Crossover Lunges

15 Windshield Wipers

15 Ski Squats

15 Pilates Teasers

15 Lateral Jumps

15 Squat Jacks

Cool down and stretch

These exercises will help to firm the legs and lean out the thighs, but a very important part of getting a slender lower body is weight control. While you can tone an area, it is not really possible to spot reduce a fatty area. Instead, you must work on lowering overall body fat and reaching a body weight that is healthy for your age, height, gender and frame.

There are three parts to this equation;
• Healthy and moderate eating – try to eat a diet that consists mainly of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins
• Regular cardiovascular activity – at least 30 minutes of cardio most days of the week
• Strength training – workouts on at least 2-3 days of the week that are geared toward building muscle content

Combine all three of these to weave together a lifestyle that is healthy and you will likely find that you no longer have “trouble zones” that you need to target.