How to Lose Belly Fat - The Truth About Belly Fat, Abs, and Six Packs

Most of us want to lose belly fat or love handles - understanding how the body loses fat can make it a lot easier to tackle a fat loss program that actually works.

Hundreds or even thousands of situps and crunches are not going to help you get a flat, toned stomach unless your body fat is already relatively low. You can't spot reduce fat from one specific trouble zone, you have to lose it allover.

To reduce overall body fat, you need a combination of cardio, total body strength training, and a clean diet (lots of fruits, veggies, lean protein, whole grains & healthy fats). You don't need specialty shakes, powders, pills, etc, just hard work and the discipline to eat healthily.  

In general, an effective belly fat loss workout program might look something like this - you can also check out our 4 Week FBabs Program for Abs, Obliques & Lower Back, which does all the planning for you:
- HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) 2-3 x per week (no more than 4 times a week, as the body needs to heal from this kind of intense training)
- Lower intensity, steady state cardio on remaining days of the week, aside from 1-2 rest days
- Strength training for the upper and lower body 2x a week each, or 2-3 total body strength sessions

In this video we also tackle the truth about six pack abs, a concept that we think has gotten pretty distorted as of late. There's a trending mindset that unless you've got a super low body fat percentage and/or a six pack, you're not fit. A concept that you shouldn't have an inch to pinch, anywhere. In reality, some body fat - and yes even belly fat - is normal and healthy.

A six pack takes a very low body fat percentage - for many people, a low enough percentage that the body would be put under unnecessary stress and strain. For some people this comes very easily and even naturally, and there's nothing wrong with that. There is something less than ideal, however, with looking at the photoshopped images on the covers of magazines and deciding that your one goal in life is attaining this hard to attain appearance that really is not even associated with a healthy or strong body.

Many of the people you see in those photo shoots haven't had a bite of real, healthy food in weeks or months, and couldn't run a half mile or lift a 10 lb weight to save themselves. Some people even go through (potentially harmful) dehydration routines in order to look leaner before a shoot or competition. Realizing that a lot of the physiques that are pushed as the epitome of "fitness" are incredibly difficult to attain - and unhealthy to maintain - can help you keep your focus on goals that are smarter & healthier.

What it comes down to is that you should strive to be fit and healthy in order to look and feel your best, but not necessarily set your sights on a goal that is purely aesthetics based. It's not about what you look like, it's about what your body can do.



01/04/17 1:31am

On point! Applause to this article.


12/02/16 3:11am

Your bloopers are soo funny ;) absolutely love it.

11/29/16 9:29pm

I've always wanted abs. It seemed like nothing would work until I watched this free DVD


07/01/16 8:53am

You guys make me laugh! I have a slightly rounded lower belly.. which became more pronounced after I had a hysterectomy. I used to try and try till I made myself crazy to get rid of my rounded tummy. Then I got ahold of my nuttiness about this one body part and now I kind of like it. I treat it like family.. kind, and understanding. I use a lot of creams and lotions, and practice acceptance.


06/22/16 8:11am

So great! I liked the outtakes at the end. Thanks for telling it straight and to the point. I just recently "found" you guys, and I'm enjoying every minute!


05/02/16 7:42pm

Love that you guys are so real!!! :) Thank you for all the work and effort you put into these videos!!!


04/28/16 1:17am

Thank you so much for this video, for your "healing" words! :) :)

02/08/16 1:05pm

Thanks guys! As a woman with a 15 yr old knee injury I have done yoga strength training for years but minimal cardio. I had to stop pounding pavement and after one year w/ a gym membership I realized that the gawking that goes on in gyms really was more damanging to my body image than the brief cardio benefit I was getting in. I move around a lot, so buying my own equpiment isn't practical. So, i resigned myself to walking/hiking and yoga, which makes me happy emotionally, but still unsatisfied with my bathingsuit body. I'm a woman who gets 'oh you're so tall and thin!' type compliments on my 'clothes' body, but to myself I am thinking 'if she only knew this squishy villian I'm hiding then she'd feel better about herself!!' Enter, doughy belly. I have had a doughy frog belly since I was a kid, w/ lanky everything else! Its just where any and I mean any extra ouce on me goes go. Serious candidate for some skinnyfatness goin' on, and it ain't cute. I have compared myself brutally my whole life to women who have been blessed w/ large squishy areas more desirable to men...but lean torsos! I mean, come on. That's some b.s. no fairness....right? Haha. Now in my 30's, my mantra is exactly yours - it's what the body can DO, and everyone has things about them they want to change!. Yoga has helped that positive thinking SO much. However, after finding your videos 4 months ago, I have THE leanest middle Ive ever had! You've shown me the variations on cardio that benefit the total body so much more than a jog, you aren't annoyingly positve but rather real and encouraging, and even subbing out low impact versions to protect my knees I have seen results I never thought I would. And, my yoga practice is improving too, because I am stronger. So, thanks for this! You are truly helping folks take their fitness in their own hands with methods that are sustainable for a lifetime, and we appreciate it! If you ever need to be reminded why you do what you do, just picture a large group of idiots, (no one with cute matchy work out gear mind you) ie my sibblings, their spouses, neice and nephew, etc, all bouncing around in a Virgina basement enjoying your videos together and encouraging each other to keep going! (while mom threatens to film us :)


02/02/16 1:01am

Regarding eating junk food:
What Kelli and Daniel pointed out in another video and what helps me tremendously is to just not buy it. For me, chocolate is the problem. But if I don't have any at home, I'm not gonna eat it :).


01/15/16 3:31pm

I'm so happy I found you two....where have you two been my whole life! :)

01/04/16 12:05am

I just can seem to stay away from junk food(especially chips) what should I do??


12/29/15 2:36pm

this is why I am such a fan of you guys. thank you for being real, being though-provoking, and being honest. you have changed my life and perspective, and I know you've changed countless others. thank you SO much for what you're doing, please keep up the fantastic work :) *btw, my husband jokes about never before recognizing the sound of another man's voice like Daniel, since he hears it so often!* :)


12/29/15 12:09pm

I wish that you would touch on Diastis Recti in women. This may help them understand why a lot of abdominal exercises are not good for them.

Love you guys!


11/11/15 11:45am

Great video guys !! It's nice to hear about reality . Keep up the great work :)


07/15/15 9:19pm


07/13/15 7:14am

First of all, you are the sweetest fitness team ever! So natural and so sincere. I have been following your workouts for more than almost two years and I feel like I am working out with a team I already know and it keeps me going. I even don't need a music. Today, I only have some belly fat left and I think it is not going to go away since I am an endomorph but thanks to your sincere advise and informing, I think I will be okay with that. Thanks a lot, guys!


06/09/15 6:21pm

I think that 6 of the 10 pounds I got are in my belly and the rest in my upper back. And my butt ... has anybody seen it around? or maybe i left it in another trousser!!! Lol!!!
I thougtht that making abs, butt and upper body strenght will make me get a better shape and also lose fat.
Now I now that I can - and must - combine HIIT, cardio and toning workouts to get better results.
Be healthy and feeling good is the real beauty!
Thanks guys!!


05/28/15 11:35pm

I agree with Anna! You guys have changed my perspective and it only encourages me more!


02/24/15 11:17pm

Kelli and Daniel - I cannot thank you enough for everything that you do! You have helped me shift my whole perspective on fitness and health, and you've enabled me to stick to a healthy eating and exercise plan for the . This video, especially, was a turning point for me. Thank you for encouraging healthy fitness goals!


07/10/14 10:26am

And make sure you eat foods that have calcium. I had a really hard time losing belly fat to and calcium helped alot, it had something to do with stopping stress hormones that make you store belly fat. And I stress out over stuff alot.

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