How to Get Bigger Legs with Super Slow Training & Plyometric Leg Workouts

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Many guys are so focused on building upper body strength that they end up looking as though they are riding on chicken legs. If you want a strong looking, proportionate build, you’ve got to spend equal gym time working on building lower body muscle mass.

Plyometric workouts to build muscle mass
Plyometric leg exercises call upon your muscles to produce 100% of their force, as quickly as possible, from a position where they are already contracted. Plyometric exercises typically incorporate a jumping or hopping type motion done in rapid succession with 100% effort.

How do leg plyometrics help to build lower body size?
Plyometrics build mass very effectively because they require 100% of the muscle fibers in the muscle that you are working to fire. That coupled with ballistic style of the exercise cause a high muscle tear rate. When the torn muscles heal, they heal bigger and stronger. This is a more aggressive approach in tearing muscles to build muscle mass. In fact, it is so effective at tearing muscles that plyometrics can’t be used on a daily basis, which is where the complimentary Super Slow exercises come in.

Super Slow Training for building leg size and muscle
Super Slow Training is, well, super slow repetitions of a strength building exercise that use a lighter weight than is typically used for a mass building workout routine. To get bigger legs using this approach, you would take a minimum of 10 seconds to complete a single repetition. Do 6-10 repetitions, as you would in a normal strength training routine, but it will take you longer due to the elongated period of time it takes to complete each rep.

Why does this kind of training build size?
Slow reps of a strength training exercise work to build more muscular legs for two reasons; the first is that the literally slower speed of exercises requires a level of focus that leads to a fuller range of motion than traditional reps allow. The fuller range of motion causes more thorough muscle development by increasing strength and size through the muscle’s entire length.

The second reason that Super Slow reps leads to getting bigger legs is that the slower speed causes the muscles to fatigue faster and more comprehensively, which leads to the muscle fibers to tear more readily than during a traditional strength training routine.

How to use a combo of Super Slow Training & lower body plyometric workouts to get bigger legs
Because plyometric workouts are so effective at tearing muscle fibers and building lower body mass, they must be utilized moderately and with a certain level of caution in order to prevent injury and overuse.

Here’s a suggested workout schedule that combines Super Slow Workouts with plyometrics for a well rounded approach in building more muscular legs.

Monday: Lower Body; 30 Minutes lower body Super Slow strength training, plus 30 minutes leg plyometric workout

Tuesday: Upper Body Training Routine

Wednesday: Lower Body; 45-60 Minutes Super Slow Training

Thursday: Upper Body Training Routine

Friday: Lower Body; 45-60 Minutes lower body Super Slow strength training, plus 30 minutes leg plyometric workout

Saturday: Light Cardio, Flexibility Training

Sunday: Light Cardio, Flexibility Training