How to get an Hourglass Figure: Hourglass Shape Workouts and Exercises for a Curvy Body

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Whether it is via surgery, padded underwear or pills, many people are flocking towards products and procedures that increase the hip to waist ratio to get an hourglass shape.

Here’s the thing; you don’t need expensive surgeries and you don’t need to stuff your jeans or top. There are routines and exercises for a curvy body that can build up muscle mass in the right places and whittle the waist, which both create that distinctive and highly sought after shape.

The programs below were built to help create an hourglass silhouette. They focus on these objectives;
• Exercises to get a bigger butt; a more toned, round butt, specifically, and ones that help shape the upper body, to increase contrast between upper & lower body, and waist
• Dynamic bodyweight exercises that burn a high number of calories, making it easier to maintain a lean, firm, toned body
• Exercises to slim the waist; focusing on pulling in the oblique muscles

22 Minute Workout video for a Rounder Butt - Lift, tone, and shape the butt so that it makes your waist look smaller, and your body look more curvy

30 Minute Toned & Curvy Body Workout Video - This is a comprehensive circuit workout that will work to tone your entire body; abs, lower body, and arms.

60 Minute Upper Body Toning Tabata Workout Video - This routine focuses on toning and shaping the body.

84 Minute 1000 Calorie Workout Video - This killer workout will help you burn off extra body fat, making it easier to keep a fat free belly.

Mix and match these routines to keep your muscles guessing. Always warm up and cool down before you start an exercise session and remember to give tired muscles a rest by alternating between upper and lower body workouts.