How to Burn More Calories Playing Wii Just Dance: The Just Dance Workout

The workout video above was built for pairing with different physically active video games, especially any of the versions of Wii Just Dance or Zumba Fitness. The video will tell you exactly how it works, but here's the gist of it; just hit play, follow along with the different bodyweight toning exercises, and then hit pause when the video tells you to so that you can do a song or bout of cardio. You can also do the print version listed below.

Doing either method of Fitness Blender's Just Dance Workout a few times a week will burn a lot of calories, as well as tone your glutes, abs, thighs and arms. You can easily lose weight playing this game – especially if you use either of our plans to incorporate light strength training and toning moves into your dance cardio.

The video game can easily be turned into an effective home workout by doing specific bodyweight exercises in between songs.

The video above & printable workout routine below combine the dancing of the game with strength training moves, so that you get calorie blasting cardio intervals mixed in with total body toning. Moving along with the game's songs burns calories and the bodyweight exercises help you build muscle and tone; it all makes for an excellent workout.

Warm Up: Do a song that has a “sweat drop” rating of 1. These will be of less intensity and they are a good warm up for the rest of the routine.

Cardio: Play a song with a “sweat drop” rating of at least 2.
(Roughly 3 minutes)

Toning Interval 1:
15 Sumo Squats
15 Push Ups
30 Toe Touch Crunches

Cardio: Play a song with a “sweat drop” rating of at least 2.

Toning Interval 2:
15 Pilates Kneeling Rear Leg Raise (be sure and do a set on each side)
50 Pilates Hundreds
1 Minute Arm Circles (30 seconds each direction)

Cardio: Play a song with a “sweat drop” rating of at least 2.

Toning Interval 3:
15 Alternating lunges
15 Tricep Pushups
15 Russian Twist Sit Ups

Cardio: Play a song with a “sweat drop” rating of at least 2.

Cool Down & Stretch

Total Routine Time (print version): Roughly 28 Minutes

Calories burned with the Bodyweight Workout video above intermixed in with the intervals of Just Dance: Roughly 300 for a 130 lb female and 345 for a 185 pound male.
Calories burned with Just Dance Workout (print version): Approximately 250 calories for a woman & 300 for a man.

Looking for a breakdown of how many calories the game burns? Check out this article to find out about how may calories are burned playing the Wii game.

Both this game and our video routines are a great example of how little resources you actually need in order to break a sweat or get fit. You don't really need expensive cardio equipment and you might not even need a gym, if you're willing to get a bit creative in how you burn your calories and tone your body.