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How Many Calories does the Wii Just Dance Game Burn?

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Check out the full length workout video above to find out how you can burn even more calories playing the game, and tone your entire body at the same time.

How many calories can you burn playing Just Dance 2?
To find out how many calories the Wii game Just Dance burns, I wore a mechanism called the Body Bugg, and played thirty nonstop minutes of the video game.

In half an hour I burned a whopping 190 calories playing Wii Just Dance 2 (which should be very similar to the first version in terms of expenditure).

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To break that down, that is roughly:
6 calories a minute
96 calories in 15 minutes
190 in 30 minutes
380 in 1 hour
570 in 1½ hours
760 in 2 hours

If you are heavier than 130 lbs and/or male, your caloric burn while playing will be even higher.

Hypothetically speaking, 1 ½ hours of Just Dance 2, or JD 3 every day of the week would help you to lose 1.15 pounds each week, without any other changes to your diet or activity levels (see equation below).

Again, if you are heavier than 130 pounds, male, or have high muscle content, you will have an even higher expenditure and your weight loss potential will be even higher, as well.

Here’s the math behind the weight loss estimation above:
Calories burned playing Wii Just Dance = 570 in 1.5 hours
570 x 7 = 3,990 total calories burned in one week of playing the game for 1.5 hours
3,990 ÷ 3500 (calories in a pound) = 1.14 lbs lost per week

To burn even more calories; march in place, do jumping jacks or lunges while you choose songs and wait for them to load. Other video games that can help you lose weight

The Wii Just Dance game is fun, but the best part is that while you are playing the game, your moving and grooving is burning energy that quickly adds up and can even result in weight loss.

Try it out for yourself! It's goofy, stress relieving fun. It's a video game that you can play with your kids or your friends and have a good time laughing at each other (it's a law of physics; the harder you try at dancing, the sillier you look).

*Keep in mind that in order to get this kind of expenditure, you are going to have to actually try and match the game’s dance moves (no cheating).