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Home Lower Body Workout for Lean Legs with the Best Thigh Slimming Exercises for Women

When it comes to stereotypical weight gain, generally speaking, men have their beer bellies, and women have their “bulky” thighs. The good news for women who carry their weight this way is that there is less of a health risk associated with heavy thighs than there is with an overly rotund waist, but that doesn’t make being unhappy with your body shape any easier.

This workout for lean legs combines the best of the best thigh slimming exercises so that you can take an active approach to leaning out the lower body. Built specifically to help people get slimmer thighs, the mix of light resistance strength training and Pilates moves are the perfect exercises for building long, lean muscles in the legs. As an added bonus, there are also some abdominal toning exercises mixed in to balance out the routine and give the leg muscles an occasional short break.

Why this combination of exercises slims thighs

Low Resistance, high rep bodyweight exercises
The exercises in this workout are the best for leaning out the legs because they consist of bodyweight calisthenics that don’t actually require moving the entire body’s weight.

The more weight that you put on a muscle, the stronger it will get and the more mass it will attain. Do realize that even with this muscle mannerism, women do not naturally have the hormones to “bulk up”. Building lean muscle will actually make it easier to stay at a healthy bodyweight, which in turn makes it easier to get a lean lower body; don't avoid building muscle!

Pilates exercises to slim thighs
This lower body workout is also filled with Pilates exercises that incorporate stretching and toning movements at the same time, which is in part what develops the “long and lean” look. Pilates exercises keep the muscles constantly flexed, and they tend to use a much fuller range of motion than regular strength training moves. Aside from toning muscles and increasing flexibility, Pilates also enhances body awareness (which muscles are inflexible, what body parts and movements are limited in range of motion, etc), which can lead to a wealth of other health benefits.

How often to do this routine
To get slimmer thighs, do this lower body workout 3-4 times a week, always with at least one day of rest in between. How often you do this routine should really depend on whether or not you are sore after you’ve done it; for example, if you do this workout on a Monday and are still sore on a Wednesday, you may want to wait another 24 hours for those muscles to heal more completely. In all reality this routine is light enough in resistance that you shouldn’t need more than 48 hours before you are ready to do it again, but do be aware of how you feel, especially after the first time you’ve done it.