Healthy Snack Ideas Under 200 Calories: 10 Healthy Low Calorie Snacks

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Healthy Snack Ideas Under 200 Calories: 10 Healthy Low Calorie Snacks

If you’re trying to lose weight, you should be aware that snacking can actually serve as an ally in your efforts.

Eating many small and healthy meals throughout the day will prevent you from ever getting too hungry-the kind of hungry that leads to bad diet decisions and maybe even a binge. Healthy snacks can also serve to keep your metabolism boosted throughout the day.

The best healthy snack ideas are going to be those that sum up to roughly 100-200 calories. They should also offer some nutritional value, whether it be in the form of fiber content, vitamins, protein, or another dietary essential.

10 Nutritious Snacks Under 200 Calories

1. 8 Ounces Yogurt (120 cals), 1 cup strawberries (55 cals); There are 175 calories total for this mini meal, which offers fiber, probiotics for digestive health, and high levels of vitamin C.

2. 1 Tablespoon peanut butter (100), 1 banana (90); For 190 calories, you get a heavy duty snack that staves off hunger with protein and digestion-slowing fats from the peanut butter, and potassium and fiber from the fruit.

3. 1 Cup Cheerios or similar low sugar cereal (100), ¾ cup 1% milk (82); This is a great option under 200 calories because it forces you to deliberately and consciously eat with a spoon and a bowl- it provides the mental satisfaction of knowing that you’ve eaten. Eating on the run usually doesn’t make for the same meaningful munching.

4. 1 Slice whole wheat bread (100), ¼ cup shredded mozzarella cheese (80); melt the mozzarella on top of the toast and for 180 calories you get a cheesy, delicious serving of fiber, protein, carbs and fats that only feels like a guilty treat.

5. 1 Serving pita chips (140), 1 kiwi (50); This satisfies the sweet and salty tooth all at once, and the kiwi is loaded with antioxidants.

6. ½ Cup cottage cheese (100), 2 slices 3” diameter pineapple (50); This is high in protein and vitamin C, and a great way to hold of hunger and satisfy a sweet tooth.

7. ½ Cup Quinoa (100 cals), ½ cup diced red grapes (50), 7 diced almonds (50); Quinoa is a superfood for it’s balance of carbs, fats, and complete proteins. Throw all of these ingredients together or play with your own combo for a snack that is both filling and extremely nutritious.

8. 2 Scrambled eggs (140), ½ cup onion (40), 4 large mushrooms (20); A delicious scramble filled with veggies that helps you reach your protein quota for the day.

9. ½ Cup black beans (100), ¼ cup shredded cheese (80-100 cals); For a small 200 calorie meal, this is especially filling because of the fat the cheese provides, and the fiber of the black beans.

10. 1 Soft taco flour tortilla (140), ½ Tablespoon butter (50), cinnamon; Swipe the butter across the tortilla, sprinkle it with a generous dose of cinnamon and cook or broil (only for a minute or two) in the oven until lightly toasted for a sweet snack that tastes like desert.

Keep your grazing healthy and within a reasonable calorie range, and you can use snacking to your dieting advantage.

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