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Golf Strength Training Workout - Adding Power to your Swing

Golf Strength Training Workout - Adding Power to your Swing

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This Golf Strength Training Workout was built specifically to increasing the body’s force throughout the range of motion of a golf swing.

The Fitness Blender Golf Stretching Routine and the Golf Balance Workout provide the necessary tools to improve your stability, range of movement, and control during a swing. This workout focuses on increasing strength to get a more powerful golf swing.

Maintaining proper form and control while trying to do an exercise to build strength can be difficult; constantly check your form and increase weight or difficulty of an exercise only when you are able to complete the exercise with good form. Starting with slower motions and a lighter weight will help until you are comfortable with that motion and are ready to increase speed and weight.

Golf Strength Training Workout

Single Leg Dead Lift

How it’s done: Stand on left foot with dumbbells in each hand. Slowly tilt forward from the hips keeping your torso and back completely straight. Try to keep the leg supporting your weight as straight as possible, but a slight bend is ok. Repeat on right leg (dumbbells are optional).
How it benefits your swing: Builds glute and hip strength, back and torso alignment, as well as balance to help maintain proper back alignment to reduce back and glute fatigue.
Program: 2-3 Sets per leg; 4-12 Repetitions; 2-3 Times per week

Push Up Position Torso Twist with Arm raise
How it’s done: In a full push up position (hands under shoulders, back in straight line with legs and feet set shoulder width apart) keep hips parallel with ground and lift right hand off ground to chest level. Keeping arm in line with chest, open chest to as close to perpendicular to the ground as you can get without twisting your hips. Return to pushup position, then switch hands, alternating sides within a set (use dumbbells to increase difficulty).
How it benefits your swing:This golf exercise helps build core and hip stability as well as strengthening and stretching the transverse obliques (the muscles responsible for torso rotation).
Program: 2-3 Sets; 5-14 Repetitions per arm; 2-3 Times per week

Side Bridge with Leg Lift
How it’s done: Laying on left side with body in a straight line and elbow under shoulder, push into feet and elbow to lift hip off of the ground. When at max range of motion, lift right leg as high as you can. Lower leg and drop hip almost to the ground, then repeat motion. Repeat on opposite side of the body. (For advanced version, start with hand under shoulder rather than elbow. Ankle weights can also be worn to increase difficulty.)
How it benefits your swing: Increases strength through obliques, outside thigh, and knees, and improves balance. Improves hip control through swing.
Program:2-3 Sets per side; 4-12 Repetitions; 2-3 Times per week.

Medicine Ball Swing Toss
How it’s done: Stand in your regular golf stance, knees slightly bent, leaning forward through hips with back straight, holding a medicine ball in place of a golf club. Swing medicine ball as you would your club (arm and hand motions will be different), and when your arms are at a 45° down angle, release the medicine ball, throwing it against a wall. This should be a quick motion just like a normal golf swing. Do exercise on both sides of the body (switch leading hands).
How it benefits your golf swing: Builds strength through actual swing motion focusing on all muscles involved to help add extra distance to hit without losing control.
Program: 3 Sets per side; 5-12 Repetitions: 2-3 Times per week

Standing Cable Cross Arm Raise
How it’s done: With cable pulley, set at base of machine and stand with cable in your left hand so the cable is coming down and across to your right. Keeping your arm straight, lift your hand out to your side to just above shoulder height, then slowly let it fall back to start position.
How it benefits your swing: Builds strength through deltoids, permitting a more powerful swing and clean follow though.
Program: 2-3 Sets; 4-12 Repetitions; 2-3 Times per week

Prone Double Elbow Raise
How it’s done: Lie on mat facedown so your forehead is touching the floor, with your hands on the back of your head. Slowly lift your elbows as high off the ground as you can. Slowly let them drop but do not rest on the mat again until finished with all repetitions.
How it benefits your swing: Builds strength and flexibility through Rhomboids and rear deltoids, which allows more range of motion through your shoulder without losing control over that range.
Program: 2-3 Sets; 4-12 Repetitions; 2-3 Times per week.

3 Way Wrist Exercise
How it’s done:
Position One (Wrist Deviation): Standing with arm by side holding golf club just off center toward handle and head of club pointing to the ground, slowly raise head of club as high as possible without opening your grip or moving your forearm. Slowly let club head fall to start position for one repetition. Turn the club around in your hand so the head is now facing behind you, still holding in the same position on the shaft of the club as before. Again, slowly raise the head of the club as high as possible without opening grip or moving forearm, then let it fall back for one repetition.

Position Two (Wrist Rotation): Holding shaft of club in same position as before, hold hand palm down, out in front of shoulder, with head of club pointing to ground to thumb side of hand. Let arm and wrist flex as far as is comfortable, then rotate wrist all the way over until the head of the club is facing the opposite direction without opening palm. Flex back for one repetition. Switch direction of the club in your palm as before (this time the club will swing under the hand rather than over the top). Try to rotate the club as much as possible in each direction without opening palm.

Position Three (Wrist Flexion and Contraction): Using tube with rope attached in the middle and weight attached to end of rope, hold the tube with both hands, palms facing up and elbows at sides. Slowly roll wrists one at a time while the other allows the tube to slide. Roll the rope on the tube until weight is all the way up then let it slowly unroll the tube, letting the weight back down. At the bottom, continue to roll the tube so the rope wraps around it in the opposite direction as before, rolling weight all the way to the top and slowly back down. (Rolling to the top and back is one full set.)

How it benefits your swing: Builds wrist strength and control for more fine motor skill through wrist, giving more control through swing.
Program: 1 Set in each direction; 4-12 Repetitions on first two positions; 2-3 Times per week.