Golf Balance Exercises

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Golf Balance Exercises

Balance is essential to an efficient and accurate golf swing. Without it, a golf swing is robbed of both its power and it’s precision.

Doing these simple golf balance drills on a regular basis allows you to put your strength into your swing without losing your poise or accuracy.

This is just one of the elements of perfecting your golf swing; sports specific stretching and strength training for the sport are just as crucial. If you are serious about improving your game, make all three; flexibility, strength, and balance drills, a regular part of your practicing.

Golf Balance Exercises

Ice Skaters
How to do this exercise: Stand straight up on one leg with other leg a couple of inches off ground straight in front of your body. Slowly swing leg around until pointing straight back, then swing leg back in front. Increase difficulty of this exercise by holding the lifted leg higher.
Why you should do this exercise: This builds up coordination through the ankles and hips, as well as strengthens the hips for more control through swing. Doing this also allows for more strength transfer from the legs to the torso.
Implementation:5-14 Repetitions on each leg, three times on each leg, done every other day.

Balance Pad (or board) Swing
How to do this: Stand on a balance pad or board and bend over into proper swing stance. Start your swing like you would if you were using a putter. Over time, work up to the range of motion you would use for a drive. In order to get the maximum benefit from this exercise, try to keep heels and toes off of the ground.
Why you should do this exercise: This is an ideal drill for improving agility through the torso, ankles and hips. It also trains them to work together to help the body maintain balance during a proper swing stance, which translates to a more accurate and powerful hit.
Implementation:5-20 swings, three times, every other day.

Step Balance on Toe
How to do this exercise: Stand on the edge of a step with the heel of your foot hanging off. Without touching walls for support, keep foot parallel to ground.
Why you should do this: This move builds up fine motor skills in the ankles to improve coordination from the ground up.
Implementation: Hold foot parallel to the floor for one minute, increasing to 3-4 minutes as skill increases. Repeat three times through. Complete every other day.

Step Balance on Heel
How to do this exercise: This exercise is reverse of the one above; use your heel to teeter on the edge of a step and allow your toes to hang over. Use your balance to keep your foot level with the floor.
Why you should do this: Improved strength in the feet and ankle complexes.
Implementation: Same as, and in conjunction with, the Step-Toe version above.