Fruity and Fully-Loaded Rice Cakes     

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Fruity and Fully-Loaded Rice Cakes     


The Dish
This recipe for fruity and fully-loaded rice cakes are a great option for either an afternoon snack or a light breakfast. A delicious combination of nutritious crunch (thanks to the rice cakes), yogurt, apples, bananas, and grapes. A slight drizzle of honey and a light sprinkle of ground cinnamon add that little extra, flavorful touch.

Hacking this Recipe: This is a great recipe to use as a creative base for further rice cake topping inspiration. If you have any leftover fruit (from a previous meal or in general), experiment with your favorite combinations. We’d love to hear what combinations you up with and enjoy!

If you try out this recipe, or riff off of it to create your own, we'd love to hear about (and see!) your creations. Leave us a comment or post your review (with a pic!) here or on the Community page.

Vegetarian and Vegan Modifications: Feel free to substitute your favorite vegan yogurt alternative in place of the Greek yogurt in this recipe. A little drizzle of agave is a great substitute for the honey in this recipe as well.

Gluten-Free Modifications: Make sure to check the label on your rice cakes to ensure that they are gluten-free.


Preparation Instructions