Fitness Blender's Bapple Juice - Banana Apple Juice Recipe

Fitness Blender's Bapple Juice - Banana Apple Juice Recipe

Admittedly, we had our doubts about trying to make a Banana Apple Juice. We thought that it might be an awkward consistency of too thick of a drink to be a “juice”, but too thin to qualify as the substantial, flavorful smoothies that we love. We also weren’t completely confident about the flavor combinations.

It turns out this Banana Apple Juice Recipe is delicious. The only drawback to this healthful drink is that you’re going to have to dirty both your juicer and your blender. Rest assured, it’s well worth the extra dirty dishes.

What you will need:

1 Frozen Banana, chopped
1.5 - 2 Apples (we used Jonagold, but any kind will work)
A Juicer
A Blender

How to make it:

1. About a half a day ahead of time, freeze the chopped up banana. If you happen to have some frozen ones in the freezer, you can peel them and use a sharp knife to slice them into smaller pieces your blender can handle. It’s a good idea to keep this diced frozen fruit on hand in the freezer so that you can make healthy snacks, like this healthy Banana Ice Cream Recipe, whenever you feel like it.

2. Prepare your apples by washing and chopping them down to a size that your machine can handle.

3. Add the apple juice to the blender.

4. Add the diced frozen banana.

5. Blend well to completely liquefy.

6. Enjoy your Bapple Juice.

This filling and nutritionally dense drink has roughly 170 calories, but it’s also far more filling than what you’re going to find bottled on store shelves.

It’s good to be mindful when drinking your calories (particularly if you are watching your weight) but freshly pressed fruit like this is so full of vitamins and minerals that it is a good “use” of your caloric intake.

Apples are high in vitamins & minerals C, A, and B, potassium, iron, and phosphorus. Various research has shown that consuming it can aid in weight loss, healthy digestion, the prevention of cancer, and the lowering of “bad” LDL cholesterol.

Bananas are a fantastic source of potassium and fiber. They also contain good amounts of Vitamin C, B6 and manganese.

Put these two together and you’ve got Bapple Juice. Half of the fun of this recipe is in saying the name of it.

For an easy twist on this recipe, try adding in a dash of cinnamon. You could also throw in a few frozen strawberries to make it more dense & filling.