Fitness Blender's 5 Day Workout Challenge to Burn Fat & Build Lean Muscle - Free Workout Plan Online

We are extremely excited to present to you this free 5 Day Workout Challenge that's going to push you to your limits and change your body, in the comfort of your own living room - and it's not even going to cost you a penny. One of our main goals with Fitness Blender is to make fitness more accessible to everyone, regardless of financial hurdles or access to a gym or personal trainer. Our free 5 Day Workout Challenge makes for a great jumpstart - once you get a good grasp on the habit, we've got over 400 other free full length workout videos for you to choose from to stay active.

This challenge has everything you need for an incredibly effective workout plan - metabolism boosting strength training for all of the major muscle groups, fat burning HIIT, endurance boosting bodyweight cardio, stretching for flexibility, and plyometric and agility themed exercises to increase your coordination, balance, and control over your own body. While this challenge only spans a short 5 days, we promise that if you eat clean and follow this plan, you're going to feel different - leaner and stronger - likely even as soon as by the end of just one week.

What you'll need:
- Motivation (you might find it in these Fitness Blender stories)
- Comfortable workout clothes & music that motivates you
- 35-50 minutes; 5 days in a row
- We keep equipment minimal, but you will need an exercise mat or soft surface, dumbbells or any other kind of weight (you can even get creative and improvise for weights, i.e. water bottles, homemade sandbags, backpacks filled with books, etc)

Find the days of the challenge at the pages below (for best results, do them in order):

What should I do after this week of workouts?
If you love this workout challenge and want to do more like it, check out our 8 Week Fat Loss Programs. The 8 Week Programs are similar to this challenge but are much more detailed and also come with a free nutrition guide that tells you how to eat throughout the program in order to get the best results. You'll be given day by day explanations of exactly which workout videos to do for 8 weeks. People who complete the programs lose an average of 16-24 lbs, and see significant improvements in endurance, strength, flexibility, muscle tone and body shape.

Can I repeat this challenge for more than one week? How often should I switch up my routine?
In order to keep brain and body from growing bored, it's important to switch up your routine relatively often. You can do this 5 day plan 2-3 times in a row, but for a more diverse & longer term use, we strongly recommend considering our 8 Week Fat Loss Programs for the fastest, safest results possible.

What fitness level is this challenge meant for?
Beginner, intermediate, and advanced; we will provide modifications throughout the plan in order to make it accessible to most fitness levels, though some people who are completely inexperienced may need additional modifications or verbal coaching and cues. This program is meant for generally healthy individuals with no contradictions for intense physical activity; express permission from a personal health care physician is strongly advised.

Want to see more free workout challenges like this one?
The only thing we ask in return is that you help us continue to make free workout videos to share with the rest of the world by sharing Fitness Blender & this challenge with everyone you know - via word of mouth, maybe a Facebook page, website or blog - whatever it takes! So far this small husband-and-wife business of two has amassed over 17 million monthly viewers, not by any advertising but purely because our viewers share our content with friends (thank you FB Family!). You can also support us in creating more free content by purchasing one of our 8 Week Fat Loss Programs (similar to but much more thorough than this free 5 day plan) or our 4 Week Meal Plans.



09/19/16 10:44pm

I read some other reviews about this workout before trying it myself. It was pretty funny to watch the amateurish way the video was produced. You can see people walking up the stairs in the background and it's obvious the wall hangings in the background are just sheets hung to block a window. It's hard to hear Stacy at times even though she's wearing a mic. And it's also pretty obvious they didn't practice before shooting the video since at least one of the messes up all the time.Even with all the funny mistakes, the video was still challenging enough to get your heart rate up. This would not be a good workout for anyone with a moderate amount of kickboxing experience. This would be better for either a novice, or someone with very little experience....A great way to get started is with the

07/14/16 11:44pm

Thank you Daniel and Kelli for kicking my butt!
Just finished all 5 days and loved it!
Thanks for all your videos they've helped me so much the past 3 months! bring on the next 5 day challenge :D

06/30/16 1:03pm

Me and hubbs are doing this together. We are on day 3 today. We do the workouts in the evenings, we're torn as to whether to do it before or after dinner...we've done it both ways so far...

But this is a great program!! We are looking forward to going "all in" :)

Thank you!


06/27/16 7:40am

I have done the individual videos from this 5 day challenge before, but never did all 5 days in a row until now. Wow, it was awesome and "Challenge" is definitely the key word. I loved the variety of different exercises that were not boring and definitely hit all muscle groups from every angle possible. I also ate clean this 5 days and feel great. Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication to making your site so awesome. I enjoy how you two interact with each other and it feels like I am working out with friends. I tell everyone about FB and I know many are becoming fans. Keep bringing it!


12/26/15 6:28am

I was looking for a workout to do on Christmas Day, since my gym was closed. I found this one and completed the first day while my husband and kids were watching in awe. Wow, I'm sore today! I'm looking forward to doing the next 4 workouts! I love that they all go together so I can make sure not to strain the same muscles twice in a row. I'll let you know how I feel when I'm done!

Laury Cristina

10/22/15 12:00pm

Is my first day and I love it! thank you so much! regards from PANAMA!

07/26/15 4:05am



06/21/15 4:44am

This was a great workout! I stuck with it the entire 5days. My hardest day was day 4. I could get my coordination together and push myself at the same time. But I felt amazing afterwards. I have never felt like this before. I plan on starting the 8week fat loss on Monday. I have never been so excited to workout before! I can't say thank you enough!!


06/11/15 7:33pm

Great information, thanks for share

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06/11/15 7:33pm

Great information, thanks for share

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06/10/15 11:32pm

Amazing !!! is the word for Fitness Blender. You guys are superb and extremely talented. I am such a big fan of your channel on You Tube. Your videos are simple to practice and yet effective. I have recommended your videos to many friends and people i meet in my gym.
I hope to continue my journey towards fitness with you are my guide.
Thanks a ton.

gonna do it

05/27/15 1:31pm

I've loved the 5 day plans but between a social commitment on Tuesdays and zumba on Thursdays and the children during the day I struggle to have five consecutive days. Will this matter? So far I've been doing day one on Friday. Going through to the weekend, Tuesday is my rest day and day 5 on Wednesday and restarting my fitness week on Thursday with zumba again.


05/18/15 4:21am

I just want to say that you two are great!
And the fact that you are focusing on health and not apperance makes me appreciate you even more!
THank you for this site.

Love you guys!


05/12/15 11:00am

I have been using your site for a few weeks now, just created my acct today tho. I have never worked out a day in my life and I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!! I began by doing just 10-15 minutes a day building up to 25 minutes. Am I ready for the 5 day challenge?

05/07/15 11:28am

Love the workout videos, best I have seen. Question is, I have had back surgery, but I need to get rid of my muffin top without straining my back or neck, any suggestions?


02/18/15 5:58pm

Fitness Blender, I just want to say I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! You kick my butt!!! Thanks for doing what you guys do!!!!


01/31/15 6:45am

LOVED this! Been searching for a boost to get me back in the workout zone after some time off. Love your workouts! I feel like I'm working out with a couple of friends that know what they're doing! :-)

Just signed up for the 8 week challenge. woo hoo!


01/20/15 9:56am

I was in a major workout rut and this challenge completely pulled me out of it! It's been a couple months and I've been using your videos ever since! I did this challenge a second time and had my husband join me. Thank you for the great videos!


09/02/14 8:26am

here's a name for it "hard core total body strength building fitness challenge"...I think about things too much:)

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