Fitness Blender Food & Exercise Journal Now Available!

Fitness Blender Food & Exercise Journal Now Available!

Fitness Blender's Food & Exercise Journal is an essential advantage to anyone trying to lose or maintain weight, and get fit and healthy. This Food & Exercise Journal allows you to thoroughly track & monitor daily food intake, workouts & calories burned, muscles worked, training type, physical symptoms and soreness, mood, weight lost, inches lost, sleeping patterns, and more. Using this journal can help you spot everything from food allergies to weaknesses in willpower.

This Food & Exercise Journal will go hand in hand perfectly with any of Fitness Blender's Fat Loss Programs, as well as the last New Years Surprise we're building for you guys, which we will announce by the end of the week (possibly one of our biggest projects for you guys so far).

Please note: This is a food tracking journal and not a meal plan.

Many studies have shown that the use of a food journal significantly increases the chances of seeing changes in bodyweight. We highly recommend using this Food & Exercise Journal in conjunction with our 8 Week Fat Loss Programs & our Meal Plans.

There are two ways to get your book:

  • Get the official, published book mailed to you: Fitness Blender Food & Exercise Journal
  • Download it instantly in an eBook: Printable Fitness Blender Food & Exercise Journal -  Because of the reduced production on the downloadable eBook, we are able to offer the download version at a cheaper price; please note that this printable version is 73 pages and includes a full-color cover - we recommend skipping printing the cover if you want to save ink.

As always, every single penny of every single book sold goes towards funding hosting fees, filming and editing equipment, more free workout videos, and future site updates.