Fitness Blender Before and After - Trent Lost 110 Pounds

Fitness Blender Before and After - Trent Lost 110 Pounds

Thanks to your page I have lost 110 pounds. I have never felt better.

After high school I was living a very unhealthy lifestyle and met my max weight of 232. Which at my height of 5'7" it's quite a bit.

I struggled all my life to make this change. I found your guys' website as I've spent 5 years trying to get on the right track with my fitness and I told myself I would never take any pills to cause weight loss or pay for a gym membership. So I had to change my lifestyle at home.

I came up with a workout plan for Monday-Sunday. I started working out and didn't lose much so I realized I had to change my diet plan also. I used the ideas off this site often and implemented them into my diet. I used a few mixtures of food and exercises to make my own. Also some of the ways you cooked your food I implemented into different ideas and I actually came up with my own cook book.

I lost 102 pounds and now am at a constant weight of 130 for 2 months now. I am going to Murray State College in Kentucky next fall for Dietician/Nutritionist school.

Congrats Trent and thank you for sharing your story!

If you have used Fitness Blender workout videos and clean eating and have a before and after story or pictures to share, we would love to hear from you and possibly feauture your story. Send your pictures and story to

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While weight loss can be an exciting outcome of eating right and working out on a regular basis, remember that it's not all about the number on the scale.