Fitness Blender Before and After: Karla Lost 81 lbs and Regained Her Health

Fitness Blender Before and After: Karla Lost 81 lbs and Regained Her Health

The Winter of 2012 I was out of breath walking from my parked car to Central Park in NYC during my vacation. I realized I was feeling tired more often, my body ached for no reason, I had no energy, and I felt unhappy with myself. I decided that more sleep, medications, and over indulging myself in foods I love were not going to make me happier. I had to do something for ME.

A friend and I decided to start walking around our neighborhood for 30 min a day every day after work. We had to push and motivate each other because those 30 minutes of walking were painful and would leave me out of breath. I made a promise to myself that I would continue this endeavor because I WAS going to make a change in myself not only physically but in attitude as well.

As time went on, I continued to diet and exercise. There were many days I thought I would give up because my body ached, a good sore ache, not a hurtful ache, and I had to motivate myself and keep myself away from foods that would undo the workout I had just completed. I was persistent, I dedicated myself to me and 3 months later I was walking those 30 minutes like nothing. I then moved on to cardio machines and light weights. I allowed myself a cheat meal a week, and I was down 40 lbs.

I then discovered fitnessblender and I incorporated that into my routines since I prefer working out at home. I dropped 30 more lbs and I then allowed myself a cheat day a week because I deserved it! I didn't weigh myself the next day either, I just continued back to my workout/dieting week. After hard work, dedication, lots of sweat, and 2 years later, I have dropped 81lbs, I feel great about myself and my new life style, and best of all, my boyfriend and I just RAN Central Park as an early rainy morning workout during our Christmas Vacation in NYC!

Karla looks so much healthier! Thanks to her for sharing her story.

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