Easy 5 Minute Hard Cider Recipe: Low Calorie Vodka and Apple Juice

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Easy 5 Minute Hard Cider Recipe: Low Calorie Vodka and Apple Juice

Recently, while we were, uh, hard at work…?…We decided to try an improvised concoction of an easy hard cider recipe in order to avoid making mix drinks with any kind of soda (here’s just a few of the reasons why you should avoid it yourself).

We pulled out the juicer and went to work, and low and behold, we were extremely impressed with how delicious our cider tasted. Mind you, this is not a traditional recipe (hence the words “5 minute” and “easy” being in the title) but if you like vodka, this is essentially a low calorie vodka drink made out of fresh juiced apples – a much purer alternative to anything you can buy bottled in the store.

Here’s what you need in order to make your own quick version:

• 3-4 Apples
• Vodka
• A Good Juicing Machine

Wash the apples well, dice them into sizes that your machine can handle, and push them through your juicer. Now take your fresh pressed apple juice and mix in a shot or two of vodka. You’re done- it’s that easy!

If you want to make a large batch of vodka and apple juice, simply juice more apples. As a general rule of thumb, roughly 8 ounces of fresh pressed juice mixed in with one shot of vodka makes for a good tasting drink.

Enjoy this delectable treat in moderation! While this is a relatively healthy, low calorie cocktail of sorts, alcohol is still pretty far down on the food pyramid (it is on the food pyramid, right?).