Delicious Chickpea and Quinoa Taco Toss

Recipe Details

  • Meal Type: Lunch, Dinner
  • Dietary Type: Vegetarian
  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Cook Time: 20 minutes
  • Serves: 2

Delicious Chickpea and Quinoa Taco Toss

Meal: Lunch or Dinner 
Dietary Type: Vegetarian         
Prep Time: 15 minutes 
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Serves: 2

The Dish
This meatless taco toss is loaded with vegetables and a delicious Tex-Mex-inspired quinoa and chickpea combination. A great entrée salad for a casual weekday dinner or take-to-work lunch, this recipe will become a favorite. Quinoa is simmered in a taco-seasoned broth. Once the quinoa is cooked, chickpeas are added to the mix to further incorporate the flavors. Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, avocado, and green bell peppers (a hefty mix of vegetables) are the base of this salad and a little bit of plain greek yogurt adds a nice creamy touch. 

Hacking This Recipe: The quinoa and chickpea mixture can be made a day or two in advance and refrigerated until ready to assemble and prep your salad. 

1/2 cup (90 g) quinoa 
1 cup (235 ml) vegetable broth 
2 teaspoons (7 g) taco seasoning 
1/2 teaspoon (2 g) salt 
1 each 15.5oz (439 g) can chickpeas, drained and rinsed 
4 cups (160 g) lettuce, chopped 
1 cup (100 g) tomatoes, diced 
1/2 cup (30 g) red onion, peeled and sliced 
1/2 cup (6 g) cilantro, chopped 
1 each (160 g) avocado, peeled, seeded, and sliced 
1 cup (100 g) green bell pepper, seeded and diced 
1/4 cup (60 g) plain greek yogurt  


  • Place quinoa and broth in a medium saucepan and bring to a boil over medium-high heat. Once boiling, reduce heat to low, add taco seasoning and salt, stir to combine, cover, and cook for 15-20 minutes or until the quinoa is tender. 
  • Add chickpeas to the saucepan with the quinoa and stir to combine. 
  • Divide lettuce, tomatoes, onion, cilantro, avocado, peppers, and yogurt between bowls or plates. Top salad with quinoa and chickpeas before serving. Toss the salad together to distribute all the ingredients. 

Vegetarian and Vegan Modifications: Feel free to substitute the yogurt in this recipe with your favorite vegan alternative. 

Gluten-Free Modifications: N/A