Dayvid's Before & After: "This is Definitely Possible"

Dayvid's Before & After: "This is Definitely Possible"

Hi Daniel/Kelli,

I've recently shared the following testiominal of mine on my facebook. Need to thank you guys for taking me here. I'm 32 this year from Singapore and here is my story:

It wasn't an easy journey. I always remember the very next morning after my decision to lose weight and keep fit...

I woke up at 530am to do BRISK WALKING. Around me, all the elderly and younger people were jogging or walking way much faster that I did. But instead of feeling demoralized, I kept my head up and told myself that with each step I take, I am taking another step towards my goal. And so I pressed on... You can only imagine how tough it was that morning to drag myself out of bed to put on those running shoes...

And on top of that, there was the diet. I love food and I still do. But losing weight means having the discipline to cut back on certain foods and reducing my intake. But even after a period of 3-4 months, I did not see the results I want. Was there something I was doing wrong? All those time spent at the gym, running and eating less, why is progress so sloooooooooow?


By a stroke of luck, I stumbled upon their website and everything took a turn for the better soon after (remember the saying "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear"?). So I bought one of their exercise programs (it's an ebook and it costs only a few dollars!!) and saw the magic happen. After 8 weeks, I started to see the results. Thanks to them, I realized that all this while I was exercising the WRONG WAY, no wonder I was not seeing much results!

I don't go to the gym or jog anymore. I do all my exercises at home via their YouTube videos. I eat whatever I like in moderation (trust me, after you avoid all the unhealthy stuff for a period of time, your body will somehow naturally start to dislike them) and I still follow their exercise programs every week (I will feel very weird if I miss my workouts 2 days in a row!). On top of that, I have learned so much about health, fitness and nutrition from them. They are simply awesome.

This is not a sales pitch. This is my story. For anyone of you who want to lose weight and keep fit, this is definitely possible. Success is simply a state of mind. Stay disciplined and once you get the momentum going, it will be hard to look back.

Just ask me.

Thank you #fitnessblender.