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Cantaloupe Juice Recipes and Benefits

Cantaloupe Juice Recipes and Benefits

Healthy Recipes


Juicing is one of the most fantastic things that you can do for your health; it takes the nutrients from fresh fruit and vegetables and delivers them in the most easily processed, readily digestible form for your body.

Cantaloupe juice is not only tasty, cool, and refreshing, it is also a good source of vitamin B6, niacin, vitamin A, and folate. It is also very high in vitamin C. Because of this, one of the main benefits is the fact that it is loaded with immune system boosting nutrients and various antioxidants.

Other health benefits:
• The American Cancer Society has suggested that the fruit may help prevent different types of cancer
• Juicing them can help with digestive problems, such as constipation
• They are high in the lipid myoinositol, which may provide relief to people who struggle with insomnia, and other anxiety related disorders

How to juice a cantaloupe
It is often recommended by juicing gurus to drink this fruit alone, not mixed with any other kinds of fruits or vegetables. It is surprisingly the most nutrient dense of all fruits and serves your body well when not accompanied by additional juicing ingredients, although there are some very delicious and healthy juicing recipes and combinations out there (see below).

Another interesting bit about making this drink is that you can use the entire fruit; there is no need to throw away the rind. In fact, a great deal of the nutrients are hidden away in the rind, meaning that by juicing cantaloupes you’re going to get a wealth of other benefits that you would not get by eating the fruit whole.

If at all possible, and especially if you are going to use the rind, buy the fruit organic. Whether you buy organic or not, make sure that you wash the fruit well before you begin to juice.

Slice the melon into wedge sizes that your juicer can handle and begin juicing the fruit. Drink the juice immediately after making it in order to get the most significant benefit.


Strawberry Melon Juice Recipe
¼ Cantaloupe
4 Large Strawberries
Strawberries are high in manganese, vitamin C, and fiber. Strawberry juice has also been shown to prevent the build up of unhealthy plaque on teeth.

Orange Cinnamon Cantaloupe Recipe
¼ Cantaloupe
1 Orange
Dash of cinnamon
Oranges are one of the healthiest fruits you can eat, and juicing them only exemplifies the benefit they have on the immune system. Cinnamon provides a small metabolism bump and creates a taste sensation that adds almost no calories, and no fat or sodium.

Carrot Cantaloupe Juice Recipe
¼ Cantaloupe
2 Large Carrots
Carrot juice is high in the antioxidant Beta Carotene, which is fantastic for eyesight, bone health, and even a few of the more vain areas that tend to be signs of good health, such as skin, hair and nails.