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Can you Lose Weight Playing Just Dance?

Can you Lose Weight Playing Just Dance?

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Losing weight while playing video games might sound too good to be true, but anyone who’s ever broken a sweat playing Wii’s first, second, or third dancing game will likely wonder “can you lose weight playing Just Dance?”

The answer is “Yes”, you can definitely burn enough calories playing Just Dance that you can drop extra pounds.

Doing 30 minutes of the game burns roughly 200 calories – bump your playtime up to an hour and you’re looking at burning a whopping 400 calories playing a fun video game that doesn’t even feel like working out.

If you keep playing the game for just one hour a day, 6 days out of the week, you’re looking at burning an extra 2400 calories each week (depending, of course, on many different variables such as your body weight, your muscle content, current fitness level, rate of exertion you put forth, and so on).

To put in perspective, that’s 69% of one pound in a week. If you take that daily Just Dance workout and couple it with a calorie reduction of 500 per day, you are looking at losing a total of 1.7 lbs per week; which is a very ideal rate of loss. At that pace, and with a little consistency, you could be dropping 7.3 pounds per month without ever having even technically stepped in the gym.

Another way to get fit, sans expensive gym membership or enrollment fees; our workout videos. The videos range from 10 minutes to an hour; from Pilates to toning and weight loss Boot Camps, and they are all completely free.

There are a lot of Wii games out there right now that really get you moving and can actually result in weight loss. Check out this list of The Best Wii Games for Weight Loss

The best way to go about trying to lose weight with any version of this game would be to start making healthy diet changes as well as doing a simple, short strength training routine a few times a week.

The strength training component is very important, even if you “don’t want muscles”. Strength training increases the rate that the body burns calories, even during rest. What this means is that if you build a little muscle content, in addition to using the Just Dance game as a workout, you will have an easier time losing weight.