Busy Student with No Excuses: Enon's Before and After Story

Busy Student with No Excuses: Enon's Before and After Story

Thanks for offering to feature me. I love you guys. Here is my story.

Let me start by saying that I have an extremely packed schedule. Being a full time student, working full time, and other extra curricular activities, its hard for me to find time for a workout let alone go to the gym.

Having no workout equipment at home other than resistance bands I searched online for an at home workout that I could do between work and class and my free time on the weekends.

I came across FitnessBlender and immediately fell in love with the content of the workouts, the user friendly site, and the minimal equipment needed (workout mat). I started using Daniel and Kelli's workout regime about a month and a half ago and started to see amazing results from the variety of workouts offered on Fitnessblender.com; from Daniels intense HIIT workouts to Kelli's Pilates and Yoga stretch, strength and conditioning routines.

I am diligent in my workouts, usually 4-5 days a work for about an hour or more day. I can honestly say FitnessBlender has put me in great shape giving me a new found confidence and stamina. Thank you Daniel and Kelli.