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Building a Home Gym on a Budget - Cheap Home Gym Equipment

Building a Home Gym on a Budget - Cheap Home Gym Equipment

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Building a basic home gym that will give you a workout just as good (if not better) as your local gym does not have to be a budget buster. In fact, building one can be quite inexpensive.

When building cheap home gyms the first thing you should do is decide which aspects of fitness you want to achieve the most, so that you can build your gym based off of those specifics. You don’t need a huge dumbbell set if you don’t plan on lifting more than 10 lbs for any given exercise. If cardiovascular training is your main focus, you can replace the expensive cardio machines options with cheaper, yet just as effective low-tech options- like a cardio step.

Below are some of the best options for building cheap home gyms.

Home Cardio Equipment

-Agility Ladder (See all Soccer Training Aids)
Lay it out in the back yard, in the garage, or anywhere else you have some room and hop, skip, jump, and shuffle your way to a stronger, healthier heart.

-Jump Rope (See all Jump Ropes)
This is probably the cheapest cardio equipment you will ever come across, and it burns more calories per minute than a treadmill. Even if you are not on a budget, this is a must have for any home gym.

-Cardio Step (See all Step Platforms)
If you have ever done an aerobics class then you have more than likely come across the tried and true Cardio Step. Not only can this be used for a good cardio routine, it can also be used for a myriad of other workouts, such as like plyometric exercises, resistance training, and core training. Though they are not particularly cheap they are very useful.

Home Strength Training Equipment

-Exercise Bands
You can get a full set of exercise bands (also called resistance bands) for about the same price as a single pair of 8 lb dumbbells. They are versatile, easily stored, and even travel well. This is a great place to cut costs when picking your equipment for your toning or strength training routine.

-Adjustable Dumbbell (See all Dumbbells)
Though a little bit of a splurge on the cost front, they are still cheaper than buying a regular set of dumbbells and they take up less room, which is always a good idea for a home gym.

Home Core Equipment

-Exercise Mat
No home gym would be complete without a simple mat for doing floor exercises for your core, legs, and upper body. Though you can find very cheap exercise mats, this is one piece of that you will want to spend a little extra on.

Also known as a stability-ball, physio-ball, or core-ball, this is an extra that is worth having to incorporate even more core toning from many traditional exercises, as it allows you to perform more advanced and functional core exercises. Again this equipment is worth spending a little extra on to get a good quality ball.

Home Balance Equipment

-AIREX Balance Pad
Definitely an extra in most peoples inexpensive home gyms, this piece of equipment would be most useful for those who are intently focused on building balance and control.

-Stability Disc (See all Balance Boards)
Basically the same as the Airex Pad, this is a slightly less expensive version that still challenges your balance and helps build control.

After you buy all of the equipment you need, if you have any money left over, think about buying some items for décor. Painting your walls with a calming or energetic color and having some inspirational and motivating objects or artwork in your home gym can help get you moving and get a better workout. A mirror comes in handy when checking your form, and a TV or computer for watching exercise videos can also come in handy.

Whether you buy all of these things or just a few, you can not go without realizing the main savings that come with working out at home; not having to pay for a gym membership and the health care savings of being in better shape. Over a lifetime you are looking at saving well over ten thousand dollars for even the cheapest gym membership. Build your own cheap home gym today and start saving.