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Brussels Sprouts and Apple Side Salad

Brussels Sprouts and Apple Side Salad

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The Dish 

This attractive side salad is the perfect partner for super-savory main dishes or for entrees that need a little extra ‘crunch’ factor. The fresh apples, crisp brussels sprouts, and sunflower seeds all add a level of textural vibrancy. The balsamic vinegar provides a tasty sweet-tart flavor, balancing even the most hearty of main courses. We love to serve this salad with creamy soups and chunky stews. Or, with roasted proteins like pork, beef, chicken, and turkey. 

Hacking this Recipe 

Aged balsamic will have a much thicker consistency than a younger balsamic. Even though all balsamic is aged, a younger balsamic comes from a more recent pressing, and will have much more acidity than one aged for longer. A proper aged bottle of balsamic will call out it’s aging and, because of the care taken with a lengthier process, will be a little more expensive. Aged balsamic will drizzle nicely over salads, coating the ingredients, and imparting much more flavor.


Preparation Instructions