Breakfast Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

Recipe Details

Breakfast Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms


The Dish
Fill your mornings with vegetables. We love these breakfast stuffed portobello mushrooms, so easy and so very tasty. The scrambled egg filling contains a well-seasoned combination of spinach and roasted red peppers. The mushrooms are stuffed with our eggy vegetable mixture and baked until fork-tender. We use frozen spinach in this recipe, but feel free to use fresh chopped spinach in place of the frozen (just double the measurements when using fresh spinach). If you want to add some extra heat and spice to your breakfast stuffed mushrooms, substitute the roasted red peppers for pickled cherry peppers or jalapenos (or a combination of both spicy peppers and roasted peppers).

Hacking This Recipe
Pasteurized egg product or egg whites can be used instead of whole eggs. For whole eggs, on average, 1 egg equals 2 oz (50 g) or ¼ cup of pasteurized egg product.

Vegan Options
Feel free to use your favorite tofu scramble in place of the eggs in this recipe.


Preparation Instructions