Brand New 4 Week Meal Plan & 8 Week Fat Loss Program Now Available!

Happy New Year! We are very excited to announce the release of both the Fat Loss Program Round 4, and the first ever Fitness Blender 4 Week Meal Plan.

Here's where you can find each:

8 Week Fat Loss Program #4 - Detailed, day by day breakdown of exactly what workout videos to do every day for 8 weeks. This uses all new workout videos and comes with a brand new nutrition overview.

4 Week Meal Plan - Meal plan for 3 meals, and 3 snacks every day for a month. Includes corresponding grocery shopping lists, modifications for food allergies, availability, and preferences. It has 5 different calorie allotments, so that you can completely customize this plan to work for you and your goals. In the months that follow, we will be creating a vegan and vegetarian version of this plan.

Every single penny of every program sold goes directly back into funding new workout videos, and new features for


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