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Blue Grapefruity Tootie - Grape, Grapefruit & Blueberry Juice Recipe

Blue Grapefruity Tootie - Grape, Grapefruit & Blueberry Juice Recipe

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This obnoxiously named juice recipe is highly likely to become your new favorite drink, as it is an absolutely delectable treat. It’s deep purple color makes it very visually appealing, which makes it a great juicing recipe for kids or an easy sell to someone who is unfamiliar with juicing and possibly initially a bit unsure about downing a green vegetable drink.

Health benefits of this colorful drink:
• Blueberries are loaded with antioxidants that help prevent cell damage from free radicals in the body. They are high in fiber, and have anti-inflammatory properties. Currently, blueberry juice benefits are being studied for their capacity as an aid in both weight loss and memory retention.

• Grapefruit is high in Vitamins C, B, A and Potassium. It’s combo of vitamins has been shown to improve the body’s defense against everything from the common cold to various types of cancer.

• Grapes are also high in Vitamin C, as well as Vitamin K. They can help protect the heart against many different kind of diseases, as well as boost the body’s ability to fight cancers and Alzheimer’s disease.

All three of the things that go into this recipe are nothing short of superfoods. Bottled drinks can’t even begin to compete with the health benefits that these wonderful fruits offer when freshly juiced. Aside from the added sugars in commercial brands (or worse, fake sweeteners), companies must fill their products with additives and preservatives in order to make them last on the shelves.

Blue Grapefruity Tootie Ingredients
1.5 Cup Blueberries
.5 Grapefruit
15 Red/Purple Grapes

Peel the grapefruit, leaving as much of the white layer on as possible (there are many nutrients in this part), and use only the flesh. Wash the grapes and blueberries well, making sure that there are no little stems left. Press all of them through the juicer, and then enjoy your colorful and healthy treat.

Drink immediately after you have made it in order to get the most health benefit.

On a note that is less than completely health oriented, this juice recipe would make a fantastic mixer to pair with vodka. Hypothetically speaking, of course, if you were looking to reward yourself for a week’s worth of healthy eating, this would be a perfect low calorie cocktail that has a minimally harmful effect.