Before And After Weight Loss Story: Tyler, 152 lbs Down and Medication Free

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Before And After Weight Loss Story: Tyler, 152 lbs Down and Medication Free

Dear Kelli and Daniel

It all started with a dr visit on January 21st 2013. After taking my blood pressure we started discussing why I was there, which was for my severe anxiety issue which I was heavily medicated for. The conversation quickly turned to one about being on high blood pressure meds as well because of recent bp readings.

After talking about being on meds, my Dr looked at me dead in the eye and said simply, " you know you're only 25. Medicine is not your only option. You can fix a lot of things if you were to become more active". That's all it took really.

Starting on January 22nd I put myself on a restricted diet and I luckily found fitness blender workout videos. Every single day since then I have exercised and watched my diet ever so carefully. And I mean EVERY DAY!! I started out weighing 342 I believe was the exact weight. I walk around now weighing 185-190 :)

Since the loss I have no longer needed any medication for anxiety, being that it has completely gone away. No meds for blood pressure or anything else. For the first time in my life I am medicine free completely. I have noticed I am also a hell of a lot better father and husband and I owe a huge thank you to you guys.

I still have work to do on the lower abdomen. A lot of the lower abdomen is stretched out skin but I kind of look at it like a battle scar. Feel free to share the story if u would like. I would be honored.

Thank you for your time guys!!!!


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