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Balance Workout at Home: Balance Training Exercises

Balance Workout at Home: Balance Training Exercises

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I’ve got news for you; balance workouts aren’t meant only for your grandparents. The top athletes of almost any sport will tell you that training with these types of exercises are a large part of why they dominate in their sport.

Incorporating this specific kind of program into your regular routine can improve your coordination, minimize risk of injuries during physical activity, and in the case of this particular workout, even build strength.

This Workout can easily be adjusted to accommodate most fitness levels and coordnation capacities. Simply move up or down a “Level” when a balance exercise is too easy or difficult. Some of these balance training moves require a bit of strength as well- if an exercise is altogether too hard, it’s okay to skip it until you feel stronger.

How to do this workout:
Warm up first: 10-15 minutes of light cardio is sufficient. Move through the workout doing the move for the indicated number of repetitions or time periods. Repeat the entire sequence twice. Notice that there are multiple versions of each move; watch the videos of the different versions if any one level is too hard or too easy for you.

30 Seconds Captain Morgan’s

15 Agility Dots

15 Reverse Lunges with Rear Leg Raise

15 Single Leg Lateral Hops

15 Ice Skaters

15 Single Leg Ventral Hops

4 Rounds of Clock Lunges

3 Rounds of Plank Extensions (A round is a 10 second extension of each limb)

Cool Down and Stretch

Note that many of these exercises will need to be repeated on each side of the body; Ice Skaters, for example, should be done twice, alternating supporting legs.

This is a zero equipment workout that can easily be done at home. If you are interested in investing in a few inexpensive pieces of balance training equipment, you can easily widely expand the kinds of exercises that you can do. Read this Balance Board Reviews article to get an idea of what specific equipment might be best for you. Bosu Balls, and Physio Balls are also tremendous assets when you are trying to build coordination. They are also easily incorporated into hundreds of other exercises that build strength and tone the body.