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Avocado Calories and Nutrition Perks

Avocado Calories and Nutrition Perks

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Avocados tend to get the cold shoulder from dieters because they are higher in fat and calories than most other fruits. The thing is, this delectable green fruit offers loads of nutrition and heart healthy, hunger-satisfying fats that anyone looking to lose weight should use as an ally.

How many calories are in an avocado?
There are approximately 230 calories in a fruit of medium size.

Avocado nutrition and health benefits
They are high in fat, with roughly 20 grams of fat in a medium sized fruit. The good news is that it’s almost all the heart healthy kind; mono and polyunsaturated fat. This fat is also the reason why just a small amount of the fruit can help you feel fuller longer, which is great for fending off mindless munching.

They have no cholesterol and very little sodium. Another huge health perk is that they are very high in fiber, with a whopping 9 grams, or approximately 40% of your daily value. They might be fat and calorie dense, but they are also high in vitamins and minerals, including but not limited to Vitamins E and C, folate, and potassium.

Avocados are currently being studied for the potential ability to ward of certain types of cancer, including mouth cancers, breast cancer, and prostate cancer. On a more superficial note, the same fat that boost your heart’s function and wellbeing is the same fat that makes eyes, skin, hair and nails look vibrant, strong and healthy.

How to eat avocados; dishes that go well with the fruit
Being the huge fan of the taste of avocados, I have no problem eating a whole one completely plain. To kick up the flavor a bit, sprinkle a very small amount on of salt on the surface of each half of the flesh of the fruit. If you find that much in one sitting to be that a bit of an overkill, or you just want to limit your fat or caloric intake, consider slicing a half of one on any one of these dishes to add a serious nutritional punch and some heart healthy fats;

• Burgers
• Burritos
• Salads
• As a bean, quinoa, or couscous topper
• Nachos
Egg scrambles
• Cold pasta salads
• Sandwiches
• Sushi
• Quiche
• Chips and dip; try this Guacamole Recipe

The bottom line regarding the calories and fat content being high is that if you forgo the fruit because of it, you’re also missing out on a wealth of nutrition. Don’t be scared of fat! It is vital for bodily function, energy, weight loss and beauty, and is especially ideal when coming from a natural source such as avocados.