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At Home Cardio Workouts - Zero Equipment Home Cardio Exercises

You don’t have to spend all day in the gym (or even an hour or two) in order to burn enough calories to see a drop in weight. In fact, short intermittent cardio workouts throughout the day can have an even more profound benefit on weight loss efforts than sustained, hours long exercise regimes.

Weaving short at home cardio bursts like the routines below throughout your day can help rev your metabolism so that your body burns more calories, even while resting.

All of the routines below offer a full body workout without weights. That means that whether you are at home, staying in a hotel on business, or otherwise unable to get to a gym, you can still burn calories and tone your body- you have no excuse not to be active!

Always make sure that your muscles are warm before jumping into any rigorous routine. A few minutes of marching in place or walking should serve as a good warm up for these programs.

33 Minute HIIT Cardio Video – This Tabata style routine gets your heart pumping using high intensity bodyweight exercises.

Plyometrics Workout – Athletes frequently use plyometrics to increase their speed and reduce their reaction time – these plyometrics moves will wear your legs out, whether you play sports or not.

With gym-less cardio routines like these, it’s important and encouraging to remember; exercise is like spare change, it all adds up.

All of the above plans are versatile in that each exercise has a modification that can make the move easier or harder, depending on your personal fitness level. Always aim for proper form; if you have to do an easier version of an exercise to maintain correct execution, do so.