Anna: I feel strong for the first time in my life

Anna: I feel strong for the first time in my life

Hi! My name is Anna! I spent my childhood with weight all over the place--I was a chubby kid, but not overweight. I was active. After a brief stint of what I think was a bit of an eating disorder (obsessive calorie counting) in eighth grade, I was very small. I'm sure I damaged my metabolism because when I went back to eating normally, my weight went from 100 pounds to around 160-170 pounds without even trying, and I'm a very short person! I was overweight for all of 10th and most of 11th grade, until a random new years resolution to go vegan got me to clean up my diet! I started losing weight January 2013. I lost 40 pounds in 9 months with diet and only light exercise before I discovered fitnessblender and realized that despite all of the weight loss, I needed to work out hard to look the way I wanted to! I started with fitnessblender at the beginning of my senior year of high school. I didn't stick with it though, as in a very short period of time I landed myself in the hospital and was sick for a month, broke my toe, and developed a disorder known as complex regional pain syndrome that made it incredibly difficult to even walk. After a ton of physical therapy, I started working out again this past August and have been pretty regular with it since! My friend and I started the 8 week fat loss program round 4 in late September and are now almost done! Since I started working out again I have lost another ten pounds for a grand total of 50, which feels incredible to say. 

- Did you use one of our programs or put together your own using our videos?
I'm almost done with the 8 week fat loss program round 4! After that I'll continue with programs because I'm so not good at putting my own routines together!
- How long did it take you to reach the point where you’re at now (when did you start?) 
Weight loss started about two years ago, but I didn't really buckle down with FB until August!
- What made you decide to start working out?
It's really difficult being an overweight teenager. I remember going to the mall and just wishing that I could wear clothing that I liked, not clothing that I bought for the sole purpose that it covered me up the most. I absolutely hated my homecoming dress in eleventh grade (my before picture), but it was the only dress that fit, and the puffiness of it disguised how large my midsection was. I could hardly go up stairs without being out of breath. I also knew that my BMI put me at only 3 pounds away from moving from overweight to obese. 
- Do you have any favorite Fitness Blender workouts?
I love the red light green light HIIT! It is SO fun, and doing one move for random intervals makes me more motivated to give my all and not peter out towards the end of the round!
- Favorite Fitness Blender Program (if applicable)?
8 week fat loss round 4, but more to come!
- Hardest Fitness Blender workout you’ve tried?
Daniel's 1000 calorie workout. Woah. Even with only 15 minutes of HIIT instead of Kelli's 30ish, I could not do it! And then the kickboxing!? AH!

- Average difficult of FB workouts you do (out of the 1-5 scale)
Typically about a 4, with the occasional 3 and 5s. I use 2s on recovery days sometimes!
- What’s your favorite training style?
Well HIIT makes me feel the best when I'm done, but I find it difficult to actually call HIIT my favorite!
- How many days a week do you exercise, length of workouts on average?
5-6 days a week, around an hour. I also do a lot of walking!
- Favorite healthy snack or meal?
I LOVE soups. I'm a freshman in college with a busy schedule, and I love being able to throw things in my crock pot and leave and come home to a great meal that I can pair with a salad and some quinoa. 
- Best tip that you would give to someone just starting to workout
I know it's hard, but it won't ever get any easier until you start! And it might seem like slow going, but you'll get fitter far faster than you could imagine. Working out gives you SO much confidence. Even when my weight and body stay exactly the same, I feel so much better about my body when I'm working out than if I stop for a week or two. I can look exactly the same to others, but working out really changes how you see yourself.
- Favorite fitness quote?
Sore today, strong tomorrow!
- Something that you have gained from committing to healthy eating and exercise?
So much confidence. Even when I was only 100 pounds at age 13 I felt fat and unhappy with myself, I was incredibly thin, but not healthy. Now I'm 120 pounds and healthy, and that makes all the difference in how I feel about myself.
I feel strong for the first time in my life.
- Something that you can do now that you couldn’t do before?
Running! I've never been into running, and especially after being diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome in my foot, I thought I'd never be able to. Yesterday, Thanksgiving, I ran my first 5k, the Turkey Trot (after picture). I didn't do any running training for it, just fitness blender videos, and might I say you have trained me WELL. Ran the whole 3 miles without stopping once, and it felt incredible. I thought I'd include the picture of me after the race as my after picture, because after all it's not about what you look like, it's about what your body can do!