Andreina: I have gained happiness and confidence from eating health and exercising

Andreina: I have gained happiness and confidence from eating health and exercising

I was thin and active in high school but when I started college everything changed. I was a full time student and also had a part time job. I was so busy with school and work I never had time to workout and fast food was the easiest thing to grab on a busy day. I gained 26 pounds and decided that was enough. I began waking up early before school and I would run 2 miles. I cut out all the junk food and began to eat healthy and only drink water. Within 3 months I lost 7 pounds. I found Fitness Blender on YouTube and lost a total of 19 pounds with their videos. I'm happy I could workout without a gym membership and in my own home. I feel so healthy and happy. I have gained a lot of muscle and my body fat % has went down. It wouldn't be possible without the help and motivation from Kelli and Daniel. It has been over a year and I am still able to keep my weight off. Thank you Fitness Blender!

How long did it take you to reach the point where you’re at now (when did you start?) 
 It took me a year to get where I am at now. I started February 2013.

- What were your results? (weight lost, inches lost, strength gained, muscle gained, endurance, flexibility, etc)
I lost a total of 19 pounds. I gained a lot of muscle and my body fat % went down a lot.

- What made you decide to start working out?
I wasn't happy with my body. I couldn't fit into clothes and I kept having to buy a size larger. I decided I wanted to feel healthy and happy again. 

- Did you use one of our programs or put together your own using our videos?
I put together videos on your website combining the strength, cardio, and HIIT workouts

- Do you have any favorite Fitness Blender workouts?
I have liked every one I have tried but my favorites are the 1,000 calorie workouts

- Hardest Fitness Blender workout you’ve tried
The Brutal HIIT Ladder Workout. I couldn't complete round 2

- Average difficult of FB workouts you do (out of the 1-5 scale)
I started off doing difficulty of 1-2 and now I do 4-5

- What’s your favorite training style?
I like them all but my favorite is the HIIT training

- How many days a week do you exercise, length of workouts on average?
I workout out 5 days a week and I usually do an hour of your videos a day.

- Favorite healthy snack or meal?
My favorite healthy meal is a big salad with a lot of vegetables. My favorite healthy snack is baby carrots and a smoothie with berries and bannanas. I also love water, that's all I drink. 

- Best tip that you would give to someone just starting to workout
Don't give up. It takes time but it is worth it. It will be hard at first but once you get used to working out and eating healthy it just becomes your lifestyle 

- Favorite fitness quote
Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.

- Something that you have gained from committing to healthy eating and exercise?
I have gained happiness and confidence from eating health and exercising.

- Something that you can do now that you couldn't do before (a stretch, increased weight lifted, running a mile, etc, etc)
I love to workout now. Before I had a hard time working out and now I love to do it.