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Aerobic Interval Training: Best Interval Training for Weight Loss

Aerobic Interval Training: Best Interval Training for Weight Loss

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Aerobic interval training is a simple way to increase caloric burn during a workout and easily enhance weight loss efforts, without tacking on any extra time spent in the gym.

This method of training involves methodically weaving a short, extra intense burst of exercise intermittently throughout a regular cardio workout routine. This technique causes the body to burn calories at a higher rate than it would during a workout consisting of a constant, steady pace.

Weight loss occurs faster when this type of training is added to a cardio workout routine due to the resulting supplemental spikes in the rate of caloric burn added by those short, intense energy outputs. When the body is pushed to work harder for a brief period of time it promptly amplifies the rate of fat burning, however, the body takes a while to get back down to the “normal”, slower rate of burn.

This Treadmill Incline Workout is a great example of a workout that blasts calories.

An example is the effect of 1-minute sprint intervals added to a 30-minute workout mainly consisting of a comfortable walking pace. A 150-pound person would burn roughly 5 calories per minute when walking 4 miles per hour. Adding a 1-minute burst of a modest 6 mph run temporarily increases the burn to 11 calories per minute.

When the 60 second running period has ended and the exerciser returns to a comfortable walking pace, the boosted rate of fat burning doesn’t immediately drop back off to 5 calories per minute; rather, it takes time for the body’s metabolism to slow back down to that lower rate of energy expenditure.

In the meantime, the metabolism is still figuratively reeling from being revved up; one minute after completing the running interval, the caloric burn may have declined to 8 calories per minute; still higher than is expended in the 4 mph walk.

The best interval programs provide maximum fat burn with minimal work in exchange. Considering this benefit multiplied over a 30-minute cardio workout with ten 60 second sprint intervals dispersed throughout, it’s easy to see that a moderate walking routine with periodic intense bursts can increase your total calorie burn significantly.

Here is an example:

3 Minute warm up
Example: A comfortable walking pace

3 Minutes at 5/10 intensity

Example: A walking pace that makes it slightly difficult to hold a conversation

1 Minute at 9/10 intensity
Example: Heart rate is up and you are unable to hold a conversation

Repeat the 5/10 and 9/10 intensity levels (ideally for at least 30 minutes)

The 1 minute 9/10 interval is what increases caloric burn throughout the rest of the workout, and it maintains that increase through the next 3 minutes of a lower intensity. Add interval training to your workout and you will likely start to lose weight at a noticeably faster rate without having to spend any extra time in the gym.