8 Minute Abs Boot Camp; Home Abdominal Workout

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8 Minute Abs Boot Camp; Home Abdominal Workout

My favorite quote in regards to fitness and working out goes something like “exercise is like loose change; it all adds up”. Quick home boot camp workouts are an excellent way to fit short increments of cardio and toning exercises into your day that end up being just as effective as full workouts.

You don’t need to spend hours and hours in the gym in order to be in awesome shape or to drop pounds. In fact, little interjections of sporadic physical activity into your daily routine, like this 8 Minute Abs Routine, are not only effective, but they can also serve to speed up your metabolic rate.

This Abs Boot Camp might be short, but it successfully targets the upper and lower abdominals, and the obliques. Most Fitness Blender workouts use a combination of strength training and Pilates moves and this one is no exception. For the best toning results and to prevent boredom, mix this complimentary 20 Minute Abs video with this routine.

How to do this routine
Make sure that your muscles are warm before beginning the workout. 3-5 Minutes of jumping jacks or marching in place is sufficient for this particular routine. To keep this an 8 minute abs program, do each exercise for 45 seconds before quickly moving onto the next. If you’ve got time and motivation left when you’re finished, turn it into a 16 - 20 minute workout by going through the entire routine a second time.

Mountain Climbers

Scissored Crunches- Switch which leg is crossed over the other halfway through

Jackknife Crunches

Windshield Wipers

Push Up Planks - Alternate supporting hand every 10 seconds so that each arm supports bodyweight twice

Pilates Teasers

Toe Touch Crunches

Pilates Table Tops

Reclined Oblique Twists - Alternate between reaching to left and right legs


Including a generous 10-15 seconds for transition between exercises, this becomes a roughly 10 minute abs workout; still short enough that you can’t use “lack of time” as an excuse not to exercise!

Done in rapid succession, this plan will get your heart rate up and your body’s calorie burning furnace stoked. It makes for a great addition onto a cardio routine- here’s an example ideal outline of that kind of program; 30-45 minutes cardio, a round or two of this abs plan, and then a thorough stretching routine.

With Fitness Blender Workout Videos, it’s easy to get in a full workout at home; most of the plans don’t require any equipment at all, while others need only resistance bands or dumbbells. Mix and match the workouts to keep your muscles guessing and your mind engaged. Mixing up your workouts and strength training routines is essential to making progress in your fitness, as well as avoiding burnout and boredom from the same old grind.